Picture this: you’re standing alone at a podium; an audience of people awaits eagerly in their seats; it’s dead silent as all eyes are on you with anticipation. Are you feeling confident or clammy? If it’s the latter, you’re not alone—public speaking is among the most prevalent phobias and, as with all phobias, the way to overcome it is to face your fear.

EXIT Realty’s Ambassador Training course is a two-day event, which teaches strategies to improve your public speaking skills. Working with some of EXIT’s finest trainers, you’ll take the stage in a small group environment and receive coaching to harness your inner confidence and charisma.

Here’s what attendees had to say about their recent experience:

This training exposed my weaknesses when talking in public, and Angel showed techniques to help us become better speakers. Personally, I feel more confident in delivering my message, and it will help me sell more franchises. This course will build our region exponentially. We need to get every agent in our region to take this course and have them realize how powerful sponsoring is.

Keith Weaver, Regional Owner, AZ.

This has been the most enlightening course that I have had in my real estate career. It made me aware of the things that I am lacking and need to work on, like confidence in myself and speaking in public. Every EXIT associate would benefit from this; it is a true bonding experience.

Rhonda Barrett, Sales Representative, AL.

I enjoyed getting to know others and building my self-confidence. Professionally, it helped overcome some recruiting fears and helped me to better convey the EXIT story. It helps put things in perspective. I think all agents should attend this course.

Sharon Woods, Franchisee, NJ.

I liked how speaking became easier. This is going to help me tell the EXIT story and grow my business. I hope to also be able to pass this knowledge on to my agents and get them to go to an Ambassador Training class.

Brian Thomason, Franchisee, TX.

I really enjoyed that Angel was so dynamic and inspiring. She pushed everyone out of their comfort zone and wouldn’t back down in the face of our excuses. She has made me feel confident in speaking in front of others and to strangers, which had been a major roadblock for me. This was so inspiring—it really lit a fire in me to get out of my comfort zone!

Chanel Evans, Sales Representative, AZ.

Training sessions are held across the U.S. and Canada throughout the year. For information, please contact training@exitrealty.com.


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