Erica Rose Siegel, Sales Representative, EXIT Kingdom Realty, Forest Hills, NYBy Melanie Robitaille, Corporate Graphics, Staff Writer

Recently, three EXIT Realty Associates successfully completed the New York City Marathon.  In this three-part series, they share their stories.

Part 2: Erica Rose Siegel, Sales Representative, EXIT Kingdom Realty, Forest Hills, NY

Since beginning her marathon journey with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training in 2011, it has been the knowledge of all those for whom she is running that keeps Sales Representative, Erica Rose Siegel going.

On November 4, 2018, the morning of her second NYC Marathon attempt, Erica stood tenaciously waiting in her running jersey covered in blue ribbons to represent all those she carries with her.

“The people who have battled and survived cancer and their perseverance definitely motivate me to not give up, in addition to those who’ve lost the battle with cancer and have left behind loved ones. Knowing that I have a little piece of them with me when I cross that finish line definitely keeps me going,” she explained. “It’s also knowing that my training, as well as my accomplishing the goal of completing another 26.2-mile race, is inspiring others to go after their goals and to keep pushing through even if they have set backs or cannot see the finish line.”

Not only an avid runner, Erica is also an impassioned affirmer who also brings her affirmations with her on every run, even chanting them during each race.

“The goal for this past marathon was to finish in under four hours. I got a cramp at mile 14 and truth be told, if it wasn’t for my affirmations, the ribbons on my shirt and the amazing crowd, I honestly don’t think I could’ve finished it.”

For Erica, it isn’t just about the finish line though, insisting that one must embrace the enjoyment of the process in everything, quoting the late Bill Nasby, saying, “Process equals joy equals results.”

“The more you enjoy the process, and everything about it, the more joy you have in every area of your life, and the better your results will be in real estate, in running, in everything,” she said. “You must trust the process, be coachable and do the work and you will see results. A marathoner, just like a top-producing real estate agent, doesn’t blossom into one overnight; it takes hours of preparation, practice, and a positive, purposeful mindset.”

With four marathons now under her running belt, Erica has adopted a proud tradition of wearing her medal to bed as well as to work the next day. She remains ever-determined to complete her next marathon in even less time because well, she refuses to give up.

“I dropped over 15 {minutes} from my last NYC Marathon completion five years ago and just under four from my fastest marathon in a very flat course in Harrisburg, PA in 2012,” she said. “Never ever give up! Keep training and continue to focus on improving yourself! Stay focused on your goals, look for joy and an opportunity to be grateful for everything. But most importantly, have a ‘why’ that’s bigger than you!”

Fellow EXIT marathoner and Franchisee, Nick Libert, would also find his why through his work with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And even though he found himself far from his Chicago real estate team, find out how the EXIT family made him feel right at home on his marathon journey coming up in part three of this series.



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