Nick Libert, Broker/Owner, EXIT Strategy Realty, Chicago, IL

By Melanie Robitaille, Corporate Graphics, Staff Writer

Recently, three EXIT Realty Associates successfully completed the New York City Marathon.  In this three-part series, they share their stories.

Part 3:  Nick Libert, Broker/Owner, EXIT Strategy Realty, Chicago, IL

On the morning of November 4th, 2018, Broker/Owner, Nick Libert would find himself many miles from home in a sea of strange faces, as he embarked on the first marathon challenge of his life. And with his support system following along back in Chicago, it would be his extended EXIT family that would keep him motivated all the way to the finish line.

“Out of more than 50,000 people running, with the many different start times, all three of us EXIT runners happened to be positioned together and were on the same bus to get to our starting point,” Nick recalled. “It was great because, Erica, who has been running for many years, gave me some good tips and pointers before we set out. I had friends following along with my progress on the marathon app, even fellow EXIT agents who weren’t from my office like Larry Gardner. He would check in with me and keep me motivated if he saw that I was slowing down on the app.”

Nick, like Erica Rose Siegel, was also part of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team in Training. He believes there should be more to a company than making money and has raised over $30,000 for them with the help of the Spirit of EXIT Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Program, and various events like the marathon.

“I believe it’s important to have a focus on something other than real estate. There should be an aspect that helps people like EXIT’s dedication to their members’ health and lifestyle. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of a company that’s so engaged in their people’s lives beyond just sell, sell, sell real estate?” he said.

Nick began taking his health very seriously in recent years, committing to an exercise regime inspired by the book The Miracle Morning, which he built on to train for the New York event.

“I was already doing my workouts early in the morning, but for the marathon I was waking up even earlier, at 4:30am. Fridays were marathon mornings,” he explained. “When I exercise in the morning, the rest of my day goes so much better, and that carries into my prospecting. I get my dollar-producing activity in, and my exercise out of the way before any one else, so if anything comes up or gets in the way I’ve already done the two things that are going to feed me and fuel me for the rest of day.”

What started as a means to pay his way through under-grad school became a 20-year career for Nick, 10 of which he has enjoyed with EXIT Realty. He believes in working hard, playing hard and doing good while you’re doing it, as is evident from his three successful EXIT Strategy Realty offices, his EXIT residual lifestyle and his continual charitable outreach.

“After college I was doing real estate almost full-time when I enrolled in law school. I realized that by selling real estate I was making more money AND I could have a better quality of life as a REALTOR® than as a lawyer,” he said. “EXIT’s residual Formula has been completely life changing for me. I wish more people would see the value and take advantage of the opportunity once they’ve witnessed all that people like me and other sponsors have been able to accomplish. My home, my car, my vacations; even charities have all been dramatically influenced by EXIT’s residual Formula.”

In conclusion

With the exhaustion and euphoria of crossing the finish line now behind them, Ronald Zarembok, Erica Rose Siegel and Nick Libert have all celebrated, rested and settled back into their work and personal lives. One thing is for certain, each will return to their running because it’s a time where they can quiet their mind, hear their heart beat, and focus on their thoughts. And like true achievers they will seize their tomorrows with a resounding, “Yes, I can!” to whatever challenge, or marathon, they embark on next.



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