Annette AnthonyEXIT Realty’s Vice President of Technology Engagement, Annette Anthony, offers these tips for real estate professionals so stay in contact and top-of-mind with their sphere of influence:

  • Send a Thank You card to your customers and contacts. Do you need help with a message? Here’s a real easy one: “My real estate business could not be the success that it is without your continued support and trust. Thank you!”  Make it count! Send a card; not a Tweet, not a Poke, or a SnapChat. Like EXIT Realty’s CEO, Tami Bonnell, says “People want to matter.” Don’t tell them they matter – show them!
  • Build your list of business resources. It’s always exciting when you receive a referral from a customer, right? Reciprocate by giving your customer a referral! Find out more about your customer’s business. Understand the type of client he or she looks for when building their business and importantly, how best to communicate the information regarding the referral. Was your recent client a party planner or a bookkeeper, a builder or a musician? Reiterate how much you value referrals – not only are you their REALTOR®, but you can also be a conduit of referral business for them!
  • Send a Thank You to cross-sale (co-broke) agents: Gather your list of cross-sale agents for 2014, send a “Thank you for a successful close in 2014” card and mention that you look forward to the opportunity of closing another transaction in 2015! Remind them to get to know EXIT Realty by inviting them to watch the 4 Minute Million video.  You never know, they just might take a closer look at joining EXIT!
  • Update your photo – Are you displaying an outdated personal profile photo? Update your branding on social media, your website, EXIT Promo Shop, EXIT e-Listings, your profile on, business cards and anywhere else you have your photo displayed. New Year = best brand forward!
  • Be open and prepared for opportunity.  This is a busy time of year; opportunity can be found everywhere to meet new people. Having business cards on hand is optimal to connect with people. Get their business card too and be sure to add your new contact to your contact management system like EXIT Promo Shop and add them to either a campaign or your eNewsletter. Your fortune is in your follow up!
  • Did you know you can integrate Zillow leads with your BombBomb account? Receive Zillow leads and select what you want to have happen next; add your lead to a list, send your lead a video email or add your lead to a video email drip campaign. Increase the likeliness a lead will do business with you using quick response and video, letting your lead know you are a real person ready to serve! For instructions click here.
  • Send a non-template Professional Anniversary card to your contacts. Are you celebrating 2 years, 11, 15 or more years in real estate? Don’t keep it a secret! Use the build-your-own templates in EXIT Promo Shop, upload a photo of yourself with a cake and the corresponding number of candles. Include a message: “Look who’s celebrating another great year in real estate! Thank you for your support, trust and referrals!”

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