For the first time, EXIT Realty’s Annual Convention is leaving the U.S. and Canada and heading to The Bahamas.  This extravaganza to be held at the fabulous Atlantis Paradise Island Resort celebrating EXIT Realty Corp. International’s 20th Anniversary will be the climax of a year of celebration and is anticipated with much excitement across the organization.

Joining EXIT Realty’s stellar line-up of speakers is Dave Blanchard, creator of the Intentional Creation Assessment and coaching program.  The Assessment is revolutionary tool that employs the formal science of axiological mathematics to go below the surface of personality and attitude to measure a person’s habits of thinking – the level where challenges start and change actually occurs. Over 50,000 people have experienced the Assessment of which Blanchard has personally debriefed over 5,700. He has also personally coached well over 3,500 individuals.

With an extraordinary background in sales, management, networking, commercial and residential real estate, television and film; Blanchard is the consummate “renaissance man” of business.  An all-conference middle linebacker in high school and a free safety at Ricks College, Blanchard has never been afraid to hit the real issues head on and does so with extraordinary clarity and accuracy.

In 2000, a unique door opened. What followed was a new chapter and a new mission in his life. After being inspired by the feature film script Blanchard wrote for one of Og Mandino’s books, Bette Mandino, widow of the renowned author, contacted Blanchard offering him the film rights to The Greatest Salesman in the World.  A few years earlier while working through a very dark night, this book, which includes the Ten Scrolls, had a profound impact on Blanchard’s life. By the time they finished their conversation, he would not only run with the film rights, he would create a new company focused on bringing Mandino’s principles into the 21st century. This step planted the seeds for what has grown into Intentional Creation—the business of life.

Blanchard has inspired thousands at large venues, facilitated incredible results with hundreds of organizations, fortified numerous marriages, and helped individuals maximize strengths and jettison unhealthy habits of thinking. In his book, Today I Begin a New Life—Intentional Creation, Blanchard lays everything on the line as he shares the principles of Intentional Creation and the lessons he has learned.

Setting aside all of his accomplishments, Blanchard prizes one thing above all else and that is Ramona, his sweetheart of 39 years. They share a storybook love and have raised seven children and have twenty-seven grandchildren.  Blanchard brings all of this diverse and powerful experience in business and life to EXIT Realty’s Convention and those in attendance can look forward to learning how to maximize their natural talents and strengths by getting real and taking on the foundational cause of unmet potential in their personal and professional life – their unhealthy habits of thinking.

Visit to find out more information about the 2016 EXIT Realty Annual Convention.  EXIT Realty Associates can register for the event in the Resource Center.



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