When busy leaders register to attend a real estate conference, seldom do they expect to be impacted in the way these three were.  Among the attendees at the Inman Connect Conference this summer in San Francisco were EXIT Realty’s Janice Petteway, Director of Brokerage Development, Annette Anthony, VP of Technology Engagement and Samantha Morris, Marketing Projects Manager.  They reflect on their experiences here.

This was the first-time industry veteran, Janice Petteway, attended Inman Connect.  She says, “I had a very impactful week and enjoyed learning at a deeper level about the different brands and philosophies of leadership, but the biggest thing that struck me was the spirit of the speakers in their desire to do more for people.  One spoke of living in a true cooperative neighborhood where residents really knew each other and lifted each other up while sharing meals and life together.  Another speaker addressed the true needs of disadvantaged people, how they sometimes feel invisible and how that lack of dignity can negatively affect their life.  Her message touched my heart and inspired me to do better and bring forth change in my lifetime.  We are in this industry for reason.  There are no accidents. We have a responsibility to listen and learn but then also to take action. It was an amazing week in ways I never would have imagined.”

Annette Anthony attends the Inman Connect conference regularly and is on the lookout for the latest industry trends and tips.  She shared her top 10 takeaways during a webinar following the event.  Here are a few highlights.  Watch the full webinar here.

10 daily habits that will help take you from rookie to top producer:

  • Recite a daily mantra: Who are you? Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go?
  • Focus and finish – Focus on the small tasks which roll up into the big things.
  • Read and re-read – Take 20 minutes daily to read something new or re-read a favorite book. Read at least 5 books/year.
  • Eat the frog first – do the difficult tasks first.
  • Humble yourself to change – ask yourself what you can do better.
  • Fight through good to get to great. Don’t get caught up and stay complacent.
  • Persist through challenges.
  • Be a resource to others in your life. Send books and share articles that resonate with their life.
  • Dream but don’t daydream. Set action items to reach your goals.
  • Eat well, exercise and rest. You have to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of others.

Trends to watch:

  • iBuyers and how they affect your market.
  • Analytics – knowing who in your database is ready to transact. There are companies such as First.io, www.SmartZip.com and www.Realvolve.com who are already helping real estate agents identify these golden opportunities from the people in your database and farm areas.
  • Pocket Listings – watch for discussions on a national level about creative ways to generate seller leads.
  • Augmented Reality/Voice – the next generation of engagement through augmented technology. Book showings and gather feedback from buyers at an open house using room- to- room intelligence and share the data with sellers. Do you think this technology is in the future? It’s already here!

Samantha Morris was impacted as much by what she saw beyond the hotel doors as she was by the event itself.  She says, “For me, the impact I felt from attending Inman Connect wasn’t industry or tech talk. It was the inspiring discussions on empathy, gratitude, critical thinking and building meaningful relationships. “We need to remain objective to maintain perspective”, and whether it’s in our personal lives or in business, it all comes down to how we decide to see the world around us and how we deal with each other.

“Downtown San Francisco has changed since I was there last. Homelessness and issues surrounding those struggling with mental health and substance abuse have become an epidemic that is impossible to ignore. I wondered about the people I saw on the street and what their lives were like, what trauma brought them there, and what would it take to help them. There are many individuals and organizations working hard to clean up this city, but more is needed.

“The task is daunting. It’s not a problem specific to a city or country. It’s a global problem. It’s a human problem. So where do we start? Acknowledge each other. Make eye contact. Know that everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about. Take the time to talk, listen and connect. Help each other by changing your language (because words are powerful), educate yourself (especially about myths) and help by giving (compassion and time). Even the smallest acts can be transformative.

“We are here – right here, right now. Everyone deserves to live with dignity. Let’s look for ways to create opportunities for everyone to thrive, in health, safety and security.”

Inman Connect is held twice yearly and 2019 the summer session will move from San Francisco to Las Vegas.  Register for #ICNY19 here and #ICLV19 here.



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