According to Canadian Blood Services, half of all Canadians will either need blood or know someone who will at some point in their lives, yet only 4% of Canadians donate.

Staff and Executives of EXIT Realty Corp. International participated in a mobile blood drive at the corporation’s head office on Friday.  “What a fun morning!  Everyone felt really good about participating and the Canadian Blood Services team was awesome,” said Christina Luis, EXIT Realty’s Senior Vice President.  “It didn’t take but a couple of hours out of our day and each of our donations can be used to save lives.  Such a simple process yet it means so much to patients who are in critical need.  Doing it with a group of friends made it even more meaningful.”

It can take up to five donors to help someone undergoing heart surgery and up to fifty to help a single car crash victim.  Canadians are encouraged to visit Canadian Blood Services and Americans are encouraged to visit the American Red Cross for more information.



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