EXIT Realty Corp. International kicked off its 2017 Broker/Owner Training series in a big way last month!  The majority of the attendees in the first workshop of the year were first-timers including new franchisees from across the US and Canada.  As always, veterans are invited to attend as often as they like and the rookies benefitted from networking with several successful Franchisees and Regional Owners.

EXIT Realty’s Broker/Owner Training is held three times a year at the Headquarters of the Canadian-based real estate franchisor.  The company’s leadership, including Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris and CEO, Tami Bonnell, are on hand to teach and spend time with attendees.  Sessions include Deliberate Creation, Your Financial Good Health, What’s New in Tech and Corporate Strategy.   Here’s what some of the attendees at the March session had to say:

It was five packed days of information brought to us by the top leaders in the real estate industry. Steve Morris cares about each and every one of us in this company. It shows that we are more like a family.
Sharon Miranda, Broker/Owner, EXIT Realty Jersey Shore, NJ

The main office’s leadership is unsurpassed in the Real Estate industry. Their commitment to training, branding, technology, sharing and financial security for their agents is unmatched. Finally, a real estate company with a heart.
Jerry Grosenick, Broker/Owner, EXIT Realty XL, WI

After being an Independent Broker for 20 years, going through the EXIT Realty training solidified my choice to join EXIT Realty because of the extensive training and state of the art technology.
Michael Kafton, Broker/Owner, EXIT 98 George Realty, NJ

I thought Broker/Owner training was the single best real estate training program I’ve attended in my 10 years of being in the real estate business. They taught us about the foundation of this company, the core principals and philosophies of the company and their leadership team, how to be more confident in ourselves when working with others in our market, and how to better ourselves each and every day. You simply do not get this level of training from any other real estate company out there.
Jason Gerhard, Management, EXIT Elite Realty, WI

This training has made for a phenomenal week. I could not be more proud to be part of such an absolutely outstanding company.
Holly Gibbs, Administrator, EXIT Magnolia Coast Realty, MS

EXIT’s Broker/Owner training affords brokers the opportunity to get away from their office and work on their business rather than work in it. Broker/Owner training is designed to get the most and best out of the broker so that they in turn can get the most and best out of their agents. It’s a win-win for everybody. The synergy created from having brokers and managers gather from all over North America is priceless. Having returned to Broker/Owner training many times, each and every time I attend I either learn something new or I am reminded of the important things we need to revisit that we let slide because of our busy schedules. Broker/Owner training is a life changer!
Ted Bateman, Regional Owner, EXIT Realty of Upper New England

This week has been a life-changing experience. I can not wait to implement all that we learned!
Susan Foretich, Administrator, EXIT Magnolia Coast Realty, MS

“This was my fourth Broker/Owner Training and I always learn something new to implement in my brokerage to increase growth and production. Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris, is passionate about the personal growth and health of the owners and agents associated with EXIT Realty. He developed a personal improvement program available to anyone called Prompter!™ which is learning about writing daily affirmations.
Rick Coyne, Broker/Owner, EXIT Oceanside Realty, ME

Remaining dates for 2017 are August 21-25 and December 11-15. EXIT Realty Franchisees can find out more about Broker/Owner Training by contacting training@exitrealty.com.



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