Did you know that monthly podcast listeners have higher levels of education, employment, and household income on average compared to the general US population? In fact, podcast listeners are 10% more likely to have household incomes over $75,000. That’s likely because podcasts are as educational as they are entertaining—they’re food for your brain.

If you’re not already aware, Bob McKinnon, Director of Leadership at EXIT Realty Corp. International, hosts a podcast, “Real Leadership: ideas for the real estate professional.” It’s a platform for the industry’s top minds to gather and discuss all the facets of leadership. Here’s a summary of the episodes from the third quarter of 2019:

Debra Trappen: She serves truth, wrapped in grace, with sides of sass, moxie and fire

Debra Trappen is a highly sought after empowerment consultant, speaker, podcaster, coach, and author. Speaking with Bob, Debra explains why she gave up her C-level position with Coldwell Banker to pursue a career of empowering women. Spoiler alert: for her, it’s not about the money. “Sixty percent of the industry is women,” she says, “They need their voice.” On leadership, Debra goes over the trends she’s observing and the ingredients that make a successful brokerage. This is an honest conversation about embracing your authentic self. Listen now.

Rita Santamaria: What makes Champions School of Real Estate a real champion?

Rita Santamaria is the Founder and CEO of Champions School of Real Estate. On this episode, Bob and Rita draw parallels between her professional journey and what REALTORS® go through when scaling their businesses. The lessons she learned along the way are, as Bob states, the essence of exceptional corporate leadership. Rita goes on to speak about the importance of hiring younger generations for new perspectives and how disruptors are a boon, not a bane. If you’re interested in education and building a business from the ground up, this is the episode for you. Listen now.

Dave Blanchard: Our thinking habits control it all

Dave Blanchard is the Founder and CEO of the Og Mandino Leadership Institute and the creator of the Intentional Creation Assessment and coaching program. In his conversation with Bob, it’s evident that Dave is on a mission to improve the lives of others by fixing how they think. As a paragon of leadership, Dave goes into what to focus on when building a brokerage, the fundamentals that entrepreneurs are getting wrong, and how to overcome the single greatest challenge affecting all REALTORS®. Dave is here to help you embrace your natural genius. Listen now.

Donnell Spivey, Sr.: The historic perspective from an African American Realtist

Donnell Spivey is an EXIT Realty franchisee with an office in Baltimore, a former top-producer with RE/MAX, and was President of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). On this episode, Donnell guides listeners through the turbulent history of the real estate industry and its institutional prejudice against African Americans, including the fact that NAREB was formed because African Americans were not permitted to join NAR at the time. Donnell has learned a lot about leadership from his time as President of NAREB and shares what it was like to head such a large organization. This is truly an insightful look through history and how far the industry has come–it’s one you don’t want to miss. Listen now.

John Lim: Creating technology for the human behind the device, not for the device itself

John Lim is the Director of Technology & Innovation at EXIT Realty Corp. International, and he’s the Founder and CEO of the companies Life in Mobile and Link Nexus. Bob and John talk tech on this podcast, diving into the complex interrelationship between psychology and technology. “It’s understanding human behavior and making technology the connector not the driver,” says John. As for his leadership style, he summarizes it with three core principles that you can incorporate into your own business. He’s here to help you inspire creativity among those you lead. Listen now.

Real Leadership is accessible from your favourite podcast app, iTunes, and http://www.realleadershippodcast.com/. New episodes are uploaded on the second Tuesday of every month, so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more.

EXIT Associates can check out the exclusive podcast, “Leaders Path,” which includes all the content from Real Leadership plus interviews with some of EXIT’s top thought leaders. Details are available in the Resource Center.


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