Carpooling with your favourite podcasters can make commuting fun again. When you find a podcast you love, you won’t mind taking the long way home; you may even do a victory lap around the block just to finish up an episode. Podcasts are more intimate than audiobooks but just as compelling. Best of all, they’re completely free! If you’re not already aware, Bob McKinnon, Director of Leadership at EXIT Realty Corp. International, hosts a podcast, “Real Leadership: ideas for the real estate professional.” It’s a platform for the industry’s top minds to gather and discuss all the facets of leadership. Here’s a summary of the episodes from the second quarter of 2019:

Richard Flint: Principles of Creating a Productive Culture

Richard Flint is an international speaker, business consultant, acclaimed author, coach, and a featured speaker at three past EXIT Realty Annual Conventions. During his conversation with McKinnon, Flint discusses an unsettling trend he’s noticing in which brokers are managing a mortgage instead of people. The heart of your business is in its culture, and there’s an absence of personal care across the industry, according to Flint. Do you have a presence that is present when you are not present? If the answer is anything short of “yes,” Flint has advice to help you become a more impactful leader. If you want to strengthen the connection you have with those you lead, this podcast is for you. Listen now.

Brad Inman: A Timeless Approach to Leading in this Ever-changing Real Estate Environment

Brad Inman is an award-winning journalist, publisher, and founder of the Inman brand, one of the industry’s leading sources of real estate information. Inman champions the everyday agent on this podcast, explaining why investing in one’s agents should be a broker’s top priority. “Obsess over your agents, they’re your lifeblood” he says, empathically. Inman goes on to discuss the future of real estate and the Inman brand, as well as the influence of industry disruptors. While the industry’s evolution is creating fear and uncertainty, Inman describes how those emotions are most detrimental of all. His advice? Lighten up, be open to new opportunities, and embrace change. This episode is a reminder that agent-centric leadership is the cornerstone of a healthy brokerage. Listen now.

Floyd Wickman: Everything Old is New Again

Floyd Wickman is a professional speaker, coach, teacher, author of seven top-selling books, inductee to the National Speakers’ Association Hall of Fame, and recipient of the coveted Council of Peer’s Award of Excellence. On this episode, Wickman describes the five leadership activities that are constant in an evolving industry. A distinct part of his approach is that you don’t set rules to be followed; you create core values for your business and lead by example. Get your pencils ready, Wickman shares the exact principles by which he lives. This episode is your guide to help create structure and accountability for you and your agents. Listen now.

Real Leadership is available on iTunes and other popular platforms and by visiting New episodes are uploaded on the second Tuesday of every month, so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more.

EXIT Associates can check out the exclusive podcast, “Leaders Path,” which includes all the content from Real Leadership plus interviews with some of EXIT’s top thought leaders.  Details are available in the Resource Center.



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