Commentary by EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Director of Leadership, Bob McKinnon

Real estate seems to attract individuals who are very highly achievement oriented, and not so patient.  We REALTORS® want what we want, when we want it, and have a tendency to look for the shortest cut!  It can be easy to woo a real estate agent with the slightest thing, idea or split that could make life easier and more money.  Brand loyalty is tested often by the perception that the grass is much greener on the other side of the fence, never knowing how much more the water bill can be.

In my four and a half decades in this business I have observed this search for the “best thing” with a great deal of fascination.  Not long ago, a great agent told me that their eleven sponsored agents, over many years, will top sales commissions earned by even very high producing agents. I was once again reminded that the long-view of your career shows that the opportunity within EXIT Realty to build your own business, as you sell real estate, is an opportunity of a lifetime.

What if we stopped thinking like REALTORS® and began thinking like LEADERS?  Real estate professionals tend to think about their deals, while overlooking their retirement, or their investments, or their taxes, etc.  Leaders think about building something of value, building people, building a solid book of business, building passive income instead of earned income.  Leaders take the long view and resist short-term, level-one thinking or decisions.

Here’s the point.  Build passive income and investment income as soon as you can.  Avoid the tiring search for the best deal while you miss the best business opportunity in the real estate industry today.  EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Founder and Chairman,  Steve Morris, was right when he told us that one million dollars could be just ten signatures away.

At EXIT Realty we can do both — earn sales commissions and build long-term residual income that will get us what we really want:   financial security.  Think like a leader!


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