Jonathan TalmiThe future of real estate is looking bright with a new generation of extremely savvy EXIT real estate professionals who not only “get it” but who are also earning it. We had the opportunity to connect with one of these up and coming millennials to find out what makes him tick.

Jonathan Talmi, Sales Representative
EXIT Realty Next, NY
Years in Real Estate: 2
Age: 26

Why Real Estate?

Real estate opened my eyes to how much opportunity there is in the world. To be able to provide a service that’s necessary for almost everyone you know and to be able to make a career out of it, made everything and anything possible.


Fortunately, my mother who’s been in real estate for many years, joined EXIT several years ago. By grand design, I was then able to meet the most passionate people I had ever known; all sharing and helping each other toward a common goal, as well as helping to create a better real estate industry.

Secret to Success?

The technology that EXIT provides is unparalleled. As REALTORS® we always have to be prepared, and having the right tools at the right time matters. EXIT e-Listings and EXIT Promo Shop can make anyone, no matter the level of experience, exponentially better. I understood right away you have to stay competitive and relevant, and learning how to use these tools would make my client’s experience that much better.


“… the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”   —Steve Jobs

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