The Chairman’s Ball extravaganza is the is the signature event of the EXIT Realty Corp. International Annual Convention.  At the stroke of midnight, the names of the three grand prize winners of $25,000 each were drawn.

Suspense built in a crescendo throughout the evening when first, ten names were drawn, then later another seven, and finally five more, playing on the company’s renowned 10/7/5 Formula of single-level residuals.  At midnight, from among those 22 finalists, the names of Diane Cramer, Franchisee and Associate Broker with EXIT One Realty in Broomfield, Colorado, Paula Alonso-Moreira, Sales Representative with EXIT Realty Success in West Jordan, Utah and Michael Ruzicka, Sales Representative with EXIT Elite Realty in Arnold, Missouri were drawn.

EXIT asked the lucky three to share their thoughts on winning the grand prize.

“This was my 14th Convention and I have always wondered how it would feel to be among the 22 winners.  Now I know.  It took a long time to wipe that smile off my face,” said Cramer.  “So far I’ve written a couple of big checks to the U.S. Treasury and my church.  My mother passed away this year and as a result I wasn’t as productive as I should have been, so the winnings were truly a blessing.  With the rest, I’m sure we’ll be able to take a nice vacation and my husband will probably get a really nice bottle of 18-year old Macallan single-malt for Christmas.”

“The first round of names were picked and no dice…then low and behold I was picked number 11 and when I stood on the stage it was surreal,” said Ruzicka.  “Then the midnight hour came, and I WON!  It could have not have come at a better time.  I am in the final stages of building my dream home and this money helped to pay for some very cool upgrades and appliances. I’m thankful for EXIT every day and when I’m settled in the house, these upgrades will be a wonderful reminder of this very cool event.”

“The night before the Gala my hubby totaled my car (thankfully everyone was okay), so winning the money was just amazing,” said Alonso-Moreira. “We have decided to save the money and use it as a down payment to buy another investment property.  Thank you EXIT, I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing company.”



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