Susan HamblenA commentary by Susan Hamblen

I was in the real estate business for several years when I learned about the opportunity with EXIT Realty. I was drawn to the company because of the direction and vision of the leadership. I quickly realized I had a better chance at success by linking arms with a company that was intent on moving forward.

In October 2006, my husband, Tom and I joined EXIT Realty in Little Rock, Arkansas, and we immediately plugged into our first sales training. I left that training empowered and confident and I applied what I learned listing a builder that I had been working on for a year with no previous success. My career really began to take off as I attended training classes and learned how to work on my own mindset. I began to share my experience of growth and my fondness of EXIT Realty with other agents.

I had recently worked two deals with a top, young, producing RE/MAX agent named Matt, and after seeing my recent growth both personally and professionally, he made the decision to join our company. Even though I understood in theory the sponsoring opportunity with EXIT Realty, I had no idea what was in store for me.   Within a few weeks, Matt closed his first two deals with EXIT and I received a residual check from EXIT’s Head Office for over $2,000. Wow! Talk about life changing!! At that point in my life, my family was totally dependent on real estate sales income. We had two children in an expensive private school and I was always concerned that we might have to pull them out of their school because of our unpredictable income.  When I received that first residual check and realized what potential there was, I was overwhelmed. Our financial stability as a family was no longer solely dependent on the sales efforts of my husband and me.   I can still remember that new peace of mind I felt that day.

Over the next few years I continued to increase my production as well as to introduce more agents into our company thereby benefiting from additional residual income.  In 2009 we made the decision to relocate our family to New York so my husband could work in the family business.  As I contemplated a new life in New York and the fact that I would have to reinvent myself and my career, I was, to say the least, intimidated.

By the time we relocated across the country we decided we would open our own EXIT franchise. There were some concerns of course; New York was an entirely new landscape for me. I did not know the people, the market or even how to close a deal in this unfamiliar territory.  However, there were also many things on my side:

  • BELIEF – I believed that we were supposed to be in New York to help people; my faith was a large part of this.
  • SUPPORT – I trusted the people. By the time I moved to New York, I had been with EXIT Realty for three years and EXIT had changed my life.  I knew that I would have the support I needed, not just from EXIT Realty Corp. International and the Region, but also from the network of associates all across North America.
  • STRENGTH – Not only had I grown professionally, but I had experienced tremendous growth personally in my time with the company through mentoring, affirmations and mindset training.
  • SYSTEM – I trusted EXIT Realty’s unique business model and knew first hand that it worked.  I knew how this company values the agents.  I knew that since I had been successful in sponsoring agents into the company in Arkansas, that I could do the same in New York.
  • PASSION – I love this company and truly believe that I have an obligation to share with other people what wonderful opportunities EXIT Realty has to offer.
  • CAPITAL – Because of my sponsoring efforts in Arkansas, I was earning residual income that followed me to New York, so I knew I had some working capital to help me get my brokerage going.

We opened EXIT Realty Achieve in the spring of 2010 and I was blessed to attract a few key individuals right out of the gates. Over the following months, I defined the vision for our company and continued to share the story of how EXIT personally changed my life. We began to add agents and became very intent on helping our people grow, develop and experience the EXIT Realty life.  Many of our agents have sponsored others into the company now as well. I love seeing my team develop professionally and personally and I could not provide them with the resources to do so without this amazing company behind me. We have built a team that fuels an office culture of support, camaraderie and momentum. After three years, we have a family of 55 agents who are becoming better professionals with better careers, but more importantly, are being equipped to lead better lives. That is my personal win. I am so fortunate that I was able to join a company that is intent on developing me, so that I could develop others.

Susan Hamblen is the broker/owner of EXIT Realty Achieve located at 956 W. Jericho Turnpike,  Smithtown, NY.  She is the President of the Suffolk North Shore Chapter of the Long Island Board of REALTORS.  She was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award for 2012 from EXIT Realty Downstate New York.  In addition, her office was presented an award for Outstanding Leadership for 2012 from EXIT Realty Downstate New York.  Susan can be reached at 631-543-2009.


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