Ken Purdy, EXIT Realty MetroWhen asked why he chose EXIT Realty, Ken Purdy replied, “Not only did I choose EXIT Realty, I chose my brokerage specifically. When I walked in the office for the first time for an interview in May 2009 and before I talked to anyone, I knew I was home. After growing to know my Broker, Sterling Stephens [Franchisee of EXIT Realty Metro in Halifax NS], it has been confirmed every day that I made the best decision.  EXIT Realty has helped make me a better real estate agent because of the company’s philosophy that it is not just about real estate.”

In 2010, Ken was named EXIT Realty’s Rookie of the Year for Canada having taken 69 listings in his first year, closing 22 ends and sponsoring an agent.

“The number one God-given tool that was placed in my lap even before I started was Bill Nasby. I would simply not be where I am today if he was not there,” said Ken.  EXIT Realty’s Vice President of Personal Development and a MIND-SET Trainer, Bill Nasby knows what it takes to create a successful and profitable business. Genuine, passionate and committed, Bill dedicates his life to personal growth and development. In recognition of Bill’s philosophy of creating your own reality and his ability to pass down his wisdom to others in order to initiate business as a result of deliberate intent, a positive mind-set and door knocking, EXIT created a special award known as Nasby’s Knuckles and in 2010 Ken was the proud recipient.

“When I look back over my first few years in the business and the accomplishments and failures that I have accrued, I can say with peace and confidence that there is no other group of people that I would want to work with,” said Ken.


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