Making Preparations: Fall Edition

And just like that the nights grow longer, the evenings cooler, and pumpkin spice everything is on the menu. Fall is in the air, and with that comes much preparation for homeowners in seasonal areas. Whether you live on a sprawling acreage or in a high-rise condo, here’s a checklist of things to help prepare your abode for autumn:

Preparing Outside Your Home:

  • apply a fall fertilizer to help your lawn weather the harsh winter ahead
  • plant any fall bulbs, mulch up, trim, stake, or cover any delicate plants, trees, or shrubbery
  • clean out any planter pots or boxes, and don’t forget those feeders and some suet if you’re a birder
  • check eavestroughs/gutters/downspouts for any cracks or debris to prevent ice damning or water damage
  • clean, cover up and/or put away patio furniture, decorations, or lighting that’s weather sensitive
  • clean out, cover and/or put away your barbeque for the season
  • clean and service your mower(s) and landscaping tools before putting away for the season
  • put out snow fence and/or driveway markers for snowblowing
  • tune up that snowblower, bust out those shovels and check your salt supply for walkways
  • empty hoses, and sprinkler systems, shutting off any exterior water taps that could freeze
  • check for and fill any exterior cracks that might allow vermin to get into the home
  • pull out any fall decorations, even those holiday lights. It’s better to hang them when you can feel your fingers

Cleaning and Freshening Up Indoors:

  • have your HVAC system checked if you didn’t do that already in the spring
  • change your furnace filter before turning it on and be sure to have enough to change it monthly
  • vacuum out and dust any electrical baseboard heaters before turning on
  • order any heating fuel/cut wood necessary to carry you through the winter months
  • consider having your home checked for radon, as well as having your air ducts cleaned to remove allergens from open windows or renovation dust/debris
  • wash any interior window screens and windows once closed for the season
  • switch your heat recovery ventilator system (if you have one) on to help with condensation build up, and to bring in fresh air from outside
  • check your batteries on smoke alarms, CO2 detectors, and your smart thermostat
  • ensure your fireplace and/or woodstove is cleaned/swept and properly operational
  • seal up any draft prone areas with weather stripping and/or insulation
  • clean your oven and hood vent before switching to indoor cooking instead of barbequing
  • lay out those rugs and boot mats for all the wet or muddy footwear to come
  • wash any large quilts and/or pillows that you won’t be able to leave outside to dry in winter
  • stock up on distilled water to run humidifiers or diffusers and clean them out so they’re ready to help when needed.
  • switch over any linens to help keep your family/guests cozy through the chillier winter months

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