Outdoor Cleanup Tips for Spring: How to Make Your Property Sparkle and Shine

When the weather starts becoming warm again, the urge to prepare for spring gets strong. Although outdoor cleaning chores can feel like an impossible task some years, it’s still worth the effort!

A good spring cleaning helps your home’s interior become organized and efficient. The same principle applies to the outdoors. Your lawn, landscaping, and home exterior need a little TLC to prepare for the new season. These cleanup tips can help your whole property sparkle and shine!

Best Ways to Prepare Your Property for Spring

Before starting some outdoor work, take stock of the situation you face. Is there winter damage to the lawn that needs to get fixed? Did the bulbs get an early start with a warm-weather blast, but they now need protection from an early frost?

Every property faces a different situation. Take a look around for apparent improvements that need to happen and start there.

Once you’ve taken care of those items, you can proceed to these additional chores.

1. Clean Out the Gutters

A clogged gutter can damage your home in multiple ways. You need rain and moisture to move away from your home’s foundation, fascia, and other assets.

Call in a professional or grab a ladder to get onto the roof. Once there, use a large scoop to remove items from the gutters. It helps to bring along a trash bag to fill with the material clogging the gutter.

It’s also an excellent time to inspect the gutter’s metal to see if any holes need to get patched.

2. Touch Up the Home Exterior

One way to clean a home’s exterior is to use a pressure washer with detergent. Remove the caked-on grime, dirt, and other debris with slow, steady movements. Let the water and solution do the work for you.

Always start with a low-pressure stream if you’re unsure of what will happen to your siding. This chore also lets you clean your windows.

If you see any places where your paint could use some touchups, tackling that chore during the spring cleanup will help you get through the rest of the year with a solid surface.

3. Clean Up the Yard

Winter can bring a lot of debris to your yard. After cleaning out your gutters and the home’s exterior, you might add more items to remove. Taking the time to prep your lawn and property for spring ensures that you’re helping everything grow and bloom.

Use a rake to collect yard debris. Most communities have some refuse bags to use for disposal. If you need mulch, you can shred older grass clippings, leaves, and organic waste to make it.

If you have trees, spring is the time to remove the dead and diseased branches. When your shrubs sprout in out-of-control ways, you’ll want to trim them up a bit.

4. Seed and Fertilize the Lawn

Some fertilizers are made for specific grass types or uses. Before applying anything, it helps to test your soil to see what deficiencies exist. Please remember to read the product’s label to ensure you apply the correct amount at the right time and under suitable conditions.

If you have patchy spots, seeding those areas during your spring cleanup work can help your lawn be ready for the summer. Moistening the soil before application to give the seeds a firm boost will help the process.

Some fertilizers might require more than one application. If you need to treat the entire lawn, you’ll need to know how much square footage to cover to prevent shorting yourself.

5. Prepare the Garden Beds

Once you’ve made it to your garden, it’s time to remove the weeds from each bed that have started growing. Enriching the soil with peat, fertilizer, and compost will create more vigorous plants and beautiful flowers. Apply materials as directed on the package for the best results.

Mulching each bed helps to prevent weeds. It also reduces the amount of water needed to support growth while keeping soil temperatures more consistent. You’ll need a mulch layer of at least two inches to be thick enough to block the light.

6. Prep Your Patio or Deck

Winter moisture can cause a lot of damage to patios and decks. Before grilling or inviting people over, inspect these structures to ensure they are in good condition. Wipe down your patio furniture and check it for damage. You can bring out your outdoor mats, rugs, planters, and decorations.

Spring is the season that brings hope to many people and families globally. When you follow these outdoor cleanup tips, you’ll prepare your property for the warmer days ahead.

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