Best Pool Accessories for Homeowners Who Love Poolside Living

Summer provides the perfect time to get outside and be by the pool. When you can share moments with family and friends poolside, you know life is good!

For many, poolside living by itself is better than not having a pool at all, but there are a few ways to make it more fun for everyone. Here are some ideas to help you create the pool experience of your dreams.

1. Outdoor Daybeds

Instead of settling for the traditional chaise lounge and similar poolside seating, consider investing in an upgrade this year. Outdoor daybeds with retractable canopies deliver a comfortable place to relax without worrying about a sunburn. Some models transform into an entire seating arrangement, complete with chairs, a couch, and a centerpiece.

If your pool space is limited, look for an outdoor daybed that provides extra storage. You’ll have a convenient place to keep extra towels, sunblock, or your favorite cocktail mixers.

2. Giant Inflatables

Today’s best giant inflatables allow you to express yourself while enjoying the relaxing benefits of floating on the water. You can bring a book to read, stream your favorite show, or spend time watching the clouds (or stars!) from the convenience of home.

Inflatable designs range from unicorns to pink convertibles to swans. There’s something for everyone with this poolside accessory!

3. Patio Cooler

You could lug that big cooler with a friend to the pool, but an outdoor rolling patio cooler is a better option. Several brands provide this product in numerous sizes, but the 80-quart version works well for general needs.

Not only will you have a convenient way to enjoy cold drinks during a warm day by the pool, but you’ll also have access to several fun features. Permasteel makes a version with a lid opener and a tray to catch them after to prevent one from falling into the water.

4. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

The only thing better than a quiet day by the pool is one that offers access to your favorite songs or playlists. Most waterproof Bluetooth speakers withstand being submerged in up to three feet (one meter) of water for up to 30 minutes.

Some designs let you take calls while the speaker floats in your pool. If you host a pool party, choose an option with colorful LED lights to create a fun time.

5. Floating Snack Holders

If you’re floating on an inflatable, the urge to get a snack or a drink might come along. When you have trays that sit on the water’s surface next to you, the choice to float or feast disappears since you can do both!

Some designs come with a pocket for your smartphone or tablet. You just need to be careful about dropping food into the pool since organic materials can clog some filters or require more cleaning work.

6. Waterproof Playing Cards

Hoyle has been a leading provider of playing cards for casinos and recreational play for decades. If you’re spending time by the pool, why risk having paper or cardboard stock get ruined with an accidental pot splash?

Waterproof playing cards are transparent, durable, and flexible. Hoyle provides their version of this product in a hard plastic case so it can go anywhere. The printing hides the numbers and faces to ensure each game has fair competition.

If you want to be in or on the water to play games, a floating card table can help up to four players have a great time.

7. Solar Globes

When the sun goes down, your pool needs a little extra lighting support for a social gathering. You can extend your time deep into the night with solar globes that float on the water’s surface. Look for options with an IP68 rating for the best results. You can hang them from your porch, fence, or nearby trees for additional illumination support.

You can add solar lights around the pool to enhance this effect. They come in numerous design and placement options to create the perfect atmosphere.

8. Pool Noodles

The traditional pool noodle is still an essential accessory. This product has an exceptional lifespan, even if you put them in the water daily. You can push or pull against the resistance to create custom workouts in the water. They can even be used for floating or introductory swimming lessons. They bend without breaking, come in different sizes, and some brands let you buy them in bulk.

When you have the best pool accessories, poolside living can be part of your daily routine. Create your setup with items like these to explore all the possible fun moments waiting for you!

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