2014 Breakout SessionsOne of the most popular highlights every year at EXIT Realty’s Annual Convention is the afternoon of Breakout sessions.  This year, the Breakouts will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 1st and attendees will enjoy a variety of topics taught by both industry experts and EXIT Realty’s own.

Paperless Made Painless: Leveraging Technology to Boost Collaboration

Chris Smith - Chief Peopleworker, dotloop

Chris Smith@Chris_Smith – Chief Peopleworker, dotloop

In today’s world of increasing mobile connectivity, industries across the board are shedding their paper-based processes and moving towards more streamlined, online practices. But the holy grail of “going paperless” has been harder earned and a lengthier undertaking in real estate. The issue isn’t willingness – most agents understand that endless stacks of document drafts aren’t the best way to work – rather, they simply don’t know where and how to start.

In this session, Chris Smith, dotloop’s Chief Peopleworker, will address the challenges facing agents today and discuss smart technologies that every agent can adopt to grow their business and be more productive, instantly. He’ll explain exactly how real estate professionals can use technologies like Evernote, Dropbox and dotloop, to not only achieve the initial goal of going paperless, but also how to improve collaboration and efficiency in the long term – all while delivering a truly enjoyable client experience.

The Future Practice: The Parent Care Housing Solution

Chris Sheffield -<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
President<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
- The Parent Care Solution

CHRIS SHEFFIELD – President, The Parent Care Solution

What are the key components that will increase the amount of money you make in the future? How can you differentiate yourself from the other one million REALTORS®? How can you dominate the senior market and build intergenerational relationships? Find out in this timely session designed to help you understand this niche market.

How Integrated Marketing Helped Us Become #1 in a Recession

STAN BISHOP - Franchisee, EXIT Real Estate Gallery

– Franchisee, EXIT Real Estate Gallery

Geared for both agents and brokers, this session highlights the basic and advanced principles related to an integrated marketing strategy for a real estate brokerage and an agent’s business. Brokers will learn how to use these proven strategies to recruit, retain and increase agent productivity. Agents will learn how to use this strategy to get more listings and increase their overall transaction count.

How to Get the Listing Virtually Every Time

Chris Harrison - Regional Owner<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
- EXIT Realty New Mexico<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
& El Paso, Texas

@chrisharrisonnm – Regional Owner – EXIT Realty New Mexico & El Paso, Texas

This session is a beginning-to-end, specific tutorial on all the information and tools an agent needs to win the listing presentation nearly every time. Highlighting EXIT e-Listings, Chris will provide his personal listing format, tools, and entire listing presentation to all session attendees.

Find The Fortune in Your Database

ANNETTE ANTHONY  - Strategic Account Manager - EXIT Promo Shop

ANNETTE ANTHONY@AnnetteAnthony – Strategic Account Manager – EXIT Promo Shop

There are contacts in your database right now looking for advice on their next real estate purchase. How do you prevent those contacts from doing business with someone else? Learn how you can leverage EXIT Promo Shop to be more intentional and authentic with your database. We’re not just talking email blasts either! Learn how authenticity and focus can help make you more money without compromising your time.

Lights, Camera, Sold!

Jim Lee and Janet Holt - Co-Franchisees, EXIT Strategies Realty

JIM LEE – Franchisee, EXIT Strategies Realty
JANET HOLT – Franchisee, EXIT Strategies Realty

Video is the perfect choice for small offices as well as larger, multi-office real estate brokerages. It can take a REALTOR® from secret agent to Super Star in his or her marketplace.
FOR THE BROKER: Save yourself countless hours repeating the same task over and over when working with new agents by creating training programs that work 24/7. Learn how to create killer drip campaigns for sponsoring that also strengthen relationships with affiliates and service providers.
FOR THE AGENT: Learn to use video for personal promotion at every turn. Make sure that each virtual home tour shows its most important feature – YOU! Create testimonial videos for your website, YouTube and listing presentation. Find out how little equipment is actually needed to create impressive video that will show your competition the EXIT.

The Right Real Estate SEO Strategy is about Authenticity and People

KEY YESSAAD -  Web Trainer, Real Estate Web Trainer, LLC

KEY YESSAAD @zenkey – Web Trainer, Real Estate Web Trainer, LLC

Ranking high in search engines like Google and Bing is strewn with misconceptions and lots of confusing cacophony. In order to build your presence on the internet you need to remember the people who are actually doing the searching for homes; and ask yourself why they would stick in your website. Consumers have thousands of real estate websites at their disposal – how do you differentiate yourself? What are some good habits that can support your clients but also grow your SEO? Why does Google care about organic content and punishes web manipulators? How can you use your SEO to attract not just buyers but also sellers? Come learn some ideas around the topic of authentic SEO ranking.

Unprecedented Insights Into the Workflow of Top Producing Agents

Stephen Pacinelli - VP Tech Savvy Agent & Industry Events<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
- realtor.com®

STEPHEN PACINELLI @stevepacinelli – VP Tech Savvy Agent & Industry Events – realtor.com®

Everyone seems equally focused on acquiring a greater volume of leads and converting more prospects to sales. But how do some top agents seem to get remarkably better results without substantially devoting more effort? Is there a difference in how they invest their time, the tools they use and the dialogue they have perfected? In this session we will explore what differentiates the most successful power agents and teams.

Fortunately some of the best and brightest have been willing to share their insights with us over the past year. Drawn from hundreds of interviews, team webinars, and panelist events, we have compiled their strategies into a concentrated session.

How to Create a Six-Figure Income with Sponsoring

Gregory Bennett & Bernadette Cole

GREGORY BENNETT – Franchisee – EXIT Bennett Realty
BERNADETTE COLE @BernadetteCole – Franchisee – EXIT Landmark Realty

EXIT’s differentiator is its 10-7-5 business model, powered by our sponsoring program of single-level residuals. Sponsoring is about creating, nurturing, and maintaining relationships. An effective sponsoring initiative requires a system. Join Gregory Bennett and Bernadette Cole in this informative session to learn how you can capitalize on EXIT’s sponsoring program, providing income to you and your loved ones for years to come.

EXIT Realty Associates can register for the Convention on site.


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