Breakout Speakers Announced for EXIT Realty 2023 Convention

Some of the most popular events of EXIT Realty’s annual Convention are the intensive Breakout sessions.  Covering topics this year from agent safety, to leveraging artificial intelligence, to developing a raving fan base and more, EXIT Associates will learn strategies they can apply right away to jettison their business to new heights.

EFFECTIVE SYSTEMS TO BUILD A RAVING FANBASE, Kelly Sitter, Associate Broker, EXIT Realty Twin Bridges, Brokerage, ON

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey as we delve into the art of building a raving fanbase. Discover the secret sauce behind creating deep connections with clients and agents that will leave them cheering for you. Say goodbye to the unpredictable sales rollercoaster and say hello to predictability, efficiency, and growth. With a dash of clarity, a sprinkle of leverage, and a whole lot of fun, we’ll uncover how to create systems that have your fanbase raving and your success soaring.

THE POWER OF BEING MORE MEMORABLE, AJ Plant, Regional Owner, EXIT Realty Eastern Ontario

Elevate your real estate career to new heights! Unleash your full potential and stand out in the competitive world of real estate. Cultivate a captivating personal brand that leaves a lasting impression on clients and prospects. Build trust, forge connections, and secure valuable referrals. Make a genuine impact on people’s lives. Embrace the value of being memorable and watch your business flourish. Leave a lasting mark in the real estate industry!

FABULOUS SPONSORING STRATEGIES AND TOOLS, Jeni VanOrnum, Associate Broker, EXIT Realty DTC, Cherry Creek, Pikes Peak, CO

Get ready to master the art of agent sponsoring! This session covers essential strategies and tools for success. Discover how to identify ideal agents, leverage EXIT’s tools effectively, and create a sense of community through follow-ups and networking. Mentoring and training are emphasized as a group effort. Explore the benefits of sponsoring, such as residual income and industry growth. Take actionable steps towards agent sponsoring with confidence and utilize the insights gained in this session.

HOW TO LEVERAGE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Franke Joehl, Director of Operations, EXIT Realty Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma

Facebook took 10 months, and Netflix took 3.5 years to reach 1 million users, sweeping the globe by storm. OpenAI’s ChatGPT took only 5 days, groundbreaking in the tech space, and now has over 100 million active users. Join us for an insightful breakout session on AI’s influence on the real estate space. Learn how AI is reshaping the world and uncover strategies to leverage these transformative technologies for maximum productivity and business growth. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the evolving landscape of AI for real estate professionals.


In the fast-paced real estate world, prioritizing safety is paramount. Real estate professionals face unique risks daily, from meeting unfamiliar clients to conducting open houses. Implementing comprehensive safety measures, like training, technology, and communication strategies, is essential. A secure real estate professional ensures successful transactions, builds trust, and fosters lasting relationships. Secure your success by prioritizing safety!

BETTER WAYS TO TURN LEADS INTO TRANSACTIONS, Rob Dipiero, Director of Growth and Sales, EXIT Realty Specialists, NB

This session reveals proven strategies to convert leads into successful transactions. Powerfully increase your client base and income by properly using branded ads. Save time and money with effective lead generation techniques and automation. It’s make-or-break with your sales language; get more listings and qualified buyers when you understand the few things you need to change.  Join Rob to grow your business with less effort and more profit.


Discover the transformative power of personal development in building a thriving sponsoring culture! In this ground-breaking session, learn how to overcome personal roadblocks that hinder approaching people and telling your story. Whether you’re new with little experience or aiming to approach the best producers in the area, this session equips you with the tools to overcome fear, doubt, and boost yourself beyond your comfort zone. Gain the confidence and positive expectations needed to achieve exceptional results. Embrace personal growth, elevate your leadership mindset, and unlock a world of endless possibilities in the realm of real estate sponsoring.

FABULOUS WAYS TO DEAL EFFECTIVELY WITH BUYERS, Jeff Mistretta, Broker/Owner, EXIT Realty Achieve and EXIT Realty Premier, NY

Discover the truth behind the statement, “Buyers are not liars, agents don’t listen,” through three essential components: price, location, and size/condition. Learn to set realistic expectations, uncover assumptions, and determine motivations, ability, and willingness to purchase their dream home. Leave with the keys to creating lifelong clients, identifying market-aligned homes, and generating referrals.


This insightful session is designed for brokers, managers, teams, and agents and covers key professional standards. Learn strategies to uphold the Code of Ethics, comply with fair housing regulations, and navigate AI in real estate. Be confident you are doing all you can to safeguard your license and thrive as a real estate leader while maintaining high professional standards.

PHENOMENAL IDEAS TO EXPAND PROFITABILITY FOR BROKER/OWNERS, Lori Muller, President-US, EXIT Realty Corp. International with panelists, Tina Hyatt, Franchisee, EXIT Results Realty, MD, Kevin Kilpatrick, Broker/Owner, EXIT Realty Success, EXIT Realty Advantage and EXIT Realty Success Solutions, UT, and Stephanie Verderose, Broker/Owner, EXIT Homestead Realty Professionals, NJ

Listen to this powerhouse panel of veteran brokers as they share the lessons they learned over the years running a profitable brokerage.  We all know you wear many hats running a brokerage, but are you wearing the right ones?  Are you hiring the right people?  Are you creating a culture of attraction?  Are you set up with a succession plan?  Are you where you want to be financially? We will answer these questions and more so if you are a broker or manager make sure you are in this room!


Uncover the tactics to boost agent performance, elevate sponsoring efforts, and augment profits. Learn how to guide agents in systematic sphere of influence engagement and expand business channels, including agent introductions. Topics include business and sponsoring plans, dual prospecting and marketing, and diversifying daily schedules for growth. Attend this session and learn how to be a transformational leader!

INTRODUCING EXIT’S WORKFLOW ENGINE: YOUR OFFICE, YOUR WAY, Annette Anthony, Director of Corporate Engagement, EXIT Realty Corp. International

You asked for it and you got it! What if you could create and implement customized workflows for your office’s processes to ensure compliance and efficiency? What if your agents knew exactly what to do to maximize every process from new agent onboarding, getting a listing, maximizing leads, to reaching out to potential sponsors? Look no further! Announcing the brand new, By EXIT For EXIT™ Workflow Engine, designed to do all this and more. Attend this session and learn how you can automate your office to maximize efficiency and increase profitability.

EXIT Realty Associates can register in the Resource Center to join us at the Disneyland® Hotel in Anaheim, California from October 24th to 27th inclusive. Don’t miss this unforgettable extravaganza!

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