A commentary by EXIT Realty Premier Partner, Endless Vacation Rentals®.

Did you know that 39% of sellers who used a real estate agent found their agent through a referral by friends or family, and 24% used the agent they previously worked with to buy or sell a home, according to the 2018 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers?

Clearly, repeat and referral business are important to REALTORs®, and closing gifts can be an excellent way to tap into that segment. That’s because first—and most importantly—it allows you to demonstrate your sincere appreciation to your clients for their business. Second, it’s a great way to stay top of mind, which can lead to referrals in the future by expanding your sphere of influence. Money that you spend on a closing gift now can generate future business, which in the long run may cost you less than the marketing you’d need to acquire new clients.

It’s not always easy to pick a gift that truly reflects your genuine appreciation, and every agent has a different price point and idea of what’s appropriate. Whatever your situation may be, a closing gift is a step that should not be skipped in the real estate transaction. A memorable closing gift can help you form connections, build relationships, and create lasting memories. It can also feature your brand logo, which can serve as a helpful marketing tool.

Closing gifts should be personal, memorable, convenient to use, and timeless instead of trendy. By personalizing your gift, you’re showing that you value each individual relationship. When its timeless, you create a lasting memory that exists long after the real estate transaction is over. Clients may then reference your thoughtfulness to friends and family, which can help keep you relevant in future conversations and expand your referral network organically.

Closing gifts are a great way to follow up with your clients once the transaction is completed and they are settling into their new home. It can serve as both a closing gift and housewarming gift, reminding clients that they’re more than just a business transaction.

Popular closing gifts include:

  • Gift cards and gift baskets
  • Wine
  • Personalized decorations for your clients’ new home
  • Potted plants

Another option is the gift of travel. Resort Vacation Certificates (RVC) is a distinctive closing gift that is timeless, memorable and personal. Redeemable for a 7-night vacation stay (accommodations only) in select destinations and affiliated resorts around the world. The certificate can be personalized with your client’s name, as well as a heartfelt personalized message from you that includes your logo.

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