By: Gabriel Gervelis, Director of Sales and Marketing, Evocalize, Twitter: @Evocalize

With June behind us, we are now heading fast into the summer home buying season! In this blog post we will review the COVID-19 media analysis with June’s data, and view some of the top-performing Facebook Ad campaigns that ran in June.

In the below chart, we have added results of a month-over-month analysis comparing May and June data. To date, the analysis includes data from over 380,000,000 ad impressions and behaviors that have generated over 190,000 leads. If you’d like to read about key takeaways from the first three rows, read our last blog post.

CPM: Cost per 1000 ad impressions, CPC: Cost per click, CTR: Click through rate, CPL: Cost per lead. CVR: Lead conversion rate.

In June, the story continues to focus on home buyers showing strong signs of intent, showcased by lead conversion rates (CVR). In June we recorded a 15% increase in CVR, adding to the past two months of positive gains.

The cost of media has returned to pre-COVID levels, but the rising cost of media has not negatively impacted the cost per lead (CPL). June’s analysis reported an additional 3% drop in the cost per lead.

Additionally, Click Through Rate (CTR) grew by just 1%, with this gain, and last month’s gain of 15%, CTR is still below pre-COVID levels. This means that fewer people are clicking (also represented by the higher cost per click – CPC), but the people who are clicking on ads are displaying an extremely high amount of lead conversion intent.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of June’s top performing campaigns.

Top Performing EXIT Ad Center Campaigns in June

Single Listing Ad Generates 100 Leads With a $0.70 Cost Per Lead

Could you expect a better return on a $70 marketing investment? Rob Dipiero with EXIT Realty Specialists has the campaign that generated the lowest cost per lead in June! These results speak directly to the sophistication of EXIT Ad Center.

Also, notice how Rob uses a unique call to action in the ad text, “For pictures and pricing directly to your phone text E147401 to 85377.” Note: leads generated from text messages are not included in the below results.

  • 100 leads across 1 ad
  • 21,063 impressions
  • $0.70 CPL
  • 66% CVR
  • $0.03 CPC
  • 18% CTR

EXIT Realty Associates can follow  this link to activate a Single Listing Ad in EXIT Ad Center live in minutes.

3 Single Listing Ads Generate 217 Leads at an Astonishing 11.75% Click to Lead Conversion Rate

Howard Kronthal with EXIT Success Realty was the agent who generated the most leads through the EXIT Ad Center in June. This program generated a high conversion rate (CVR) 11.75%, and a high click through rate (CTR) of 6.47%, to produce a total of 217 leads across three separate listing ads.

  • 217 leads across 3 ads
  • 28,534 impressions
  • $1.27 CPL
  • 75% CVR
  • $0.15 CPC
  • 47% CTR

EXIT Agent Promotes 6 Listings to Generate 156 Leads

Annette Masterson with EXIT Realty Bob Lamb & Associates was busy in June! She launched a total of 6 different listing ads to capture 156 leads! In the ad below, Annette uses different features of the home in the ad text, “Large walk in pantry, covered porch,” creative writing like this helped generate a 6.05% CTR and a 11.6% CVR!

  • 156 leads across 6 ads
  • 22,220 impressions
  • $1.59 CPL
  • 6% CVR
  • $0.18 CPC
  • 05% CTR

EXIT Realty Associates can follow  this link to activate a Single Listing Ad in EXIT Ad Center live in minutes.


In June, the EXIT Ad Center continued to produce astonishing results for real estate advertisers. Questions?  Contact Franchise Support at 888-668-3948 or


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