During a special awards presentation broadcast recently throughout the US and Canada, the following individuals were honored for their special achievements in 2020.

Superior Growth & Development:  Kathy Dooley and Troy Dooley, Regional Owners, EXIT Realty of Mississippi and Alabama

“Troy and Kathy Dooley are dedicated to growing their region as well as raising up their franchise owners,” said Steve Morris, Founder and Chairman, EXIT Realty Corp. International. “Their hard work and dedication have ensured that their region is on a trajectory for successful, sustainable growth.  They pour into their franchise leaders on a consistent basis with a combination of caring, education and resources.  They have true servant hearts and are very deserving of this award.”

Superior Brokerage Expertise:  Val Connell, Broker/Owner, EXIT Realty Town & Country, NS

“Val is consistently growing and has held the number one market share throughout the entire Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia for years,” said Mr. Morris.  “She has successfully transitioned from one of the top agents in her area to producing top agents and runs her operation as a professional business.  She participates in trainings and events regularly and her insight into the value of employees is exactly what we stand for.  We are honoured to present this prestigious award to such a deserving leader.”

Award of Expertise:  Stan Bishop, EXIT Realty Corp. International MIND-SET Trainer

“Stan’s ability to teach and council EXIT Broker/Owners is truly a valued addition to EXIT’s team of trainers and coaches,” said Mr. Morris.  “His knowledge base runs deep in running a successful real estate office.  Having been part of a winning team for many years, his experience and wisdom are now being shared with EXIT Brokers and the accolades received are constant and heartfelt.  We are extremely proud to name Stan the recipient of this esteemed award.”

Ambassador Award:  Marki Lemons Ryhal, Associate Broker, EXIT Strategy Realty, IL

“EXIT is proud to have Marki as one of our most prominent field Ambassadors,” said Mr. Morris.  “She is well-respected and exudes enthusiasm and passion.   Marki regularly participates in industry events garnering a wonderful reputation for her professionalism and is a fabulous example of EXIT’s culture and values.”

Humanitarian Award:  Elias Thomas, Broker/Owner, EXIT Key Real Estate, ME

“Elias’ empathy and concern for his fellow human being is evident in all he has accomplished over the years,” said Mr. Morris.  “His work with the Rotarians has changed the lives of countless children in the efforts to eradicate polio and his mission work in the poorest areas of India has improved the quality of life and health of countless more.  Elias has gone above and beyond, showing his true character and is a shining example of EXIT’s culture.  For this and so much more he is very deserving of this special designation.”

Positive Mental Attitude:  Bob McKinnon, Director of Leadership, EXIT Realty Corp. International

“Bob has endured many obstacles over the years, none of which would test him more than his most recent trials,” said Mr. Morris.  “His optimism, strength and zeal for life push him daily to overcome and succeed.  Even among personal hardships, he managed to be there for his family and still continue to encourage, teach and endow his great wisdom upon his EXIT Family.  Thank you, Sir, for all you do. You are very deserving of this award.”

Phoenix Award:  Nick Libert, Broker/Owner, EXIT Strategy Realty, IL

“As the phoenix rose from the ashes, Nick Libert has pulled himself out of hardship into success while never forgetting where he has been,” said Mr. Morris.  “His humility and gratitude keep him grounded.  His drive and success are fueled by the desire to help others grow and that is where he really shines as an inspiring teacher.  He has been instrumental in bringing awareness to issues in his community and his industry.  Nick is truly a deserving recipient of this award.”

Technology Engagement Leader of the Year:  Sonya Sanders, Sales Representative, EXIT Alliance Realty, CA

“I’ve always admired Sonya’s ability to take in and share information. She has always been up to date on the latest tech and programs EXIT offers. And while she never shied away from helping keep other agents informed and guide them through the useful tools she uses daily, the EXIT Engagement Leader program really gave her a platform to make agents’ lives easier and lead them to success,” said Shawn Sorenson, Broker/Owner, EXIT Alliance Realty, in her letter nominating Sonya for this recognition.

Spotlight Award – Accounting Excellence: Laura Roussel, Vice President Regional Services, EXIT Realty Corp. International

“Expertise in proper accounting practices is of absolute importance in the running of a successful region or brokerage. Laura’s patience and commitment to passing on her vast knowledge to our regions and franchisees is commendable and appreciated,” said Mr. Morris.  “During some of our most uncertain times, Laura has stepped up and assisted our EXIT nation with her wisdom. Laura, we appreciate your knowledge, hard work and dedication as well as your caring heart.”

Spotlight Award – Finance Expert:  Steve Nanan, Chief Financial Officer, EXIT Realty Corp. International

“Steve’s knowledge and understanding of complicated governmental and tax issues has proven tremendously valuable to the successful running of our head office,” said Mr. Morris.  “During times of unprecedented occurrences, he has stayed at the helm of the situation and ensured that EXIT was protected and moving forward at all times.  For this and much more we are honoured to present him with this award.”

Spotlight Award – Training Excellence:  Angel Tucker, Erica Nasby, Stan Bishop, Key Yessaad, Rick O’ Neil and Ifoma Pierre

“It is with great pride that we award this special honor to these outstanding individuals for their dedication to the success and betterment of our EXIT Associates,” said Mr. Morris. “When EXIT Realty Corp. International spearheaded its Take Action Stimulus Package, they stepped up without hesitation and offered valuable, free training.  This is the caliber of people EXIT prides itself in attracting, and we are extremely pleased to have them on our team.”

To all our award recipients, congratulations!



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