EXIT Realty Pays Out 1/3 Billion Dollars in Single-Level Residual Income

EXIT Realty Corp. International recently announced yet another milestone.  More than one third of a billion dollars in single-level residual income has been paid to its Associates across North America.

When company Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris, conceived of the company’s unique business model, he asked, “Could I take the concept of residuals from the outside world and bring it into the real estate industry whereby everyone in the corporation could get a piece of the action and we could create a future for real estate agents that never existed before?” And the answer was yes.

In the music and insurance industries, residuals are described as “doing the work once and getting paid over and over again.”  EXIT Realty’s unique Formula of single-level residuals adds a third income stream – sponsoring – to the traditional two-dimensional real estate model of taking listings and making sales.  At EXIT, single-level residual income is paid to an associate who helps to grow the organization by introducing another agent who is hired and who closes sales  – this process is called sponsoring.  EXIT Realty Corp. International pays the associate a sponsoring bonus equivalent to 10% of the commission of the agent he or she introduced to a maximum of $10,000 per year per recruit.  This benefit extends to retirement at the rate of 7% and past death at the rate of 5%.

EXIT Associates across the continent are using their residual income for everything from putting their children through college, to paying the bills, to taking vacations and more.

EXIT residual income has paid for my last 11 EXIT Conventions!
Phillip Woolley, Associate Broker, EXIT Realty N.F.I., Pensacola FL

I received $900.00 and I used the money to visit my granddaughters in Dallas!! The visits were worth a million.
Jeri Cronau, Sales Representative, EXIT Realty Premier, Massapequa Park NY

I totally paid for my daughter’s University education ($100,000.00) and she graduated debt free. That would not have happened without residual income. She is forever grateful for that. ME TOO.
Lana Barnes, Associate Broker, EXIT Realty Premier, Brokerage, Hawkesbury ON

When my daughter was 5 years old I told her that when she turned 12 I would buy her a horse. Well 12 came REALLY quickly! Thankfully for residuals my daughter’s goals came to pass! ALL of my residuals are going into funds for my kids!
Amie Larsen, Associate Broker, EXIT Realty Legacy, Salt Lake City UT

Residuals paid for my kids’ private school and then for my 25th anniversary trip to Italy!
Susan Hamblen, Franchisee, EXIT Realty Achieve, Smithtown NY

Residual income means I have the financial independence to follow my passion, hobbies and also continue working on what I love the most, “The Business of Real Estate”. I love that I could go wherever and whenever I like for as long as I wish, without worrying that I need to make the money. In other words, I have cash-flow whether I work or not (but I highly suggest you work, otherwise you will become stale). When working at EXIT Realty, you are actually building a very important and valuable asset that gives you the financial freedom towards the lifestyle you always wanted. #LOVEXIT
Gigi Fernandez, Regional Director, EXIT Realty Downstate New York and Associate Broker, EXIT Realty Achieve, Smithtown NY

Find out more about the EXIT Formula by watching this.


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