EXIT Realty: Perfectly Positioned for GROWTH

By Tami Bonnell, Co-Chair, EXIT Realty Corp. International

After careful consideration, EXIT chooses one word every year that embodies our vision for the entire corporation.  For 2023, our word is GROWTH.

This organization was founded and built on human potential. We want everyone to grow as individuals in whatever ways they choose. Because we’re focused first on the growth of the individual and offer opportunities for them to advance to the next level, EXIT Realty as a company is also perfectly positioned for growth.

When the real estate industry was in controlled chaos like it was during the pandemic, even if people were unhappy they stayed where they were because they were busy and they had money coming in. When the market slows a little, they start considering their options, so now is a great time for us to introduce people to our company. Not only is this a great time to increase our agent count, it will also be an excellent franchise sales year. Because of EXIT’s Formula, I predict we will acquire more companies and teams providing options and longevity for those people who own offices or lead teams.  We’ll also see an increase in regional sales because serial entrepreneurs are looking for the next great opportunity.

Historically, when there are fewer transactions across North America, people who produce actually produce more, because agents who don’t produce leave the business. And at EXIT, we have a serious number of top producers. So, we’ll see a rise in productivity, too.

Skill set and personalization can’t be beat. Part of the reason EXIT is so well-positioned for growth is because we have a well-developed skill set. Not only do we have MIND-SET trainers from every facet of the business helping you to understand the power of your subconscious mind and how to establish the right activities every day, they also offer courses covering everyone from the novice, “I just got my license, now what do I do?” agent all the way to the consummate professional making millions of dollars. We offer thorough onboarding programs. These include not only the intensive Broker/Owner training, but also 8-week, time spaced paths for Broker/Owners and agents so they can become completely EXITized and establish the right habits from the very beginning.

We offer live and on-demand events at both the regional and corporate level including webinars, Techinars, interactive Zoom meetings and more. Master Broker Summit provides a forum to brainstorm how to get to the next level. We even host an in-person Top Broker Mastermind event so our highest percentile of brokers who are doing the most production can discuss and share best practices and continue to thrive.

Our EXIT Formula provides the opportunity to introduce people into the company and be rewarded financially for that extra effort in an amount equivalent to 10% of the gross commission of the people you introduce up to $10,000 per recruit per year. This creates a culture of mentorship within our offices that follows both the sponsor and the recruit all the way through their careers like a good family. We know that people grow in an environment they trust and where they feel safe. EXIT is that safe haven where they can take chances and flourish.

Our Leader’s Path podcast features the success stories of our own people so others can learn from them, as well as interviews with leaders from other real estate brands and industries so listeners can be aware of windows of opportunities and gain a wider perspective.

We have amazing technology tools built by EXIT for EXIT. With My Smart Sign™ technology consumers text your custom code to receive pictures, pricing and info on nearby listings and you get the lead. Our Mobile Business Card™ is the very best way to share your contact information digitally and provide consumers with property information. Our Expert Marketing Suite™ automatically produces a range of quality collateral to professionally market your listings. Our EXIT Realty Connect App connects you with your clients and we know that the more meaningfully connected you are the more successful you’ll be.

One of my favorite quotes is by Tony Robbins: Information without execution is poverty. We have successful implementation of our tools because not only do we have a person in charge of engagement who is teaching the regions, brokers and agents how to use them, but we also have Engagement Leaders – those techies within the offices – who are teaching the tools hands-on so no one falls through the cracks.

At EXIT Realty, we care about our people throughout their lifetime, not just the deal they close today. Not only can they earn single-level residual income on top of their commissions and build true wealth now, but also when they want to take a break from selling real estate or retire. They can slow down before they stop and even sell their book of business if they choose. If a Broker/Owner wants to transition at some point, they have a saleable business with a solid foundation. And then to top it off, we think of our agents’ loved ones too. With EXIT’s legacy residual, if an agent passes away 5% goes to their beneficiary to help provide the opportunity for financial growth for those left behind.

EXIT is an innovative company dedicated to building a family of thriving, empathetic, well-trained, and well-equipped real estate professionals poised for tremendous GROWTH in 2023 and beyond.

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