The phrase “powerful leader” means different things to different people. At EXIT Realty, we include in our definition someone who leads with their whole heart, wants the best for others, is supportive and encouraging, and is just as likely to ask, “How’s your family?” as they are to ask, “How’s your production?”

At T3 Sixty, “Leaders are evaluated based on the office they hold, the decision-making power associated with the office, the financial resources at their disposal, their organization’s industry significance and geographical reach, public announcements about imminent changes, their tenure, and their personal influence in the industry.” When EXIT’s definition and that of T360 merges, the result is EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris, and CEO, Tami Bonnell’s, inclusion in the 2020 Swanepoel Power 200, a ranking of the most powerful leaders in residential real estate.

Stefan Swanepoel, Editor-in-Chief of the Swanepoel Power 200, says, “To all who were ranked on this year’s lists – as well as the thousands who were considered – we salute you and thank you for your contribution to the industry!” View the full SP200 list here.


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