From Train Conductor to Closing Hundreds of Real Estate Transactions Annually

Kyle Johnson, Sales Representative with EXIT Realty Associates in Dieppe, NB, did just that. Joyce Paron, CEO of EXIT Realty Corp. International, Canadian Division, sits down with him to learn how he made that leap from juggling a comfortable salaried position to becoming such a successful real estate agent who understands the value of balance between work, family time, and vacations.

JP: So, Kyle, what on earth were you doing that got you into real estate?

KJ: I was a train conductor in Saint John, NB. My family was in Moncton, so I tried to find a career that could match that salary without going to university. I could take a course while I was at work, and work two jobs until I could match it, but I had purchased my first investment property a year before and really loved real estate. So, I took the course and thought I’d just do it part-time.

JP: When you started with EXIT in 2016, you started part-time?

KJ: I was always trying to manage both jobs. At first, I worked the night shift as a supervisor and talked with clients while I was working. Then, I’d work during the day, drive back from Saint John, sleep a few hours, work all day in real estate, go back to Saint John, and just do that over and over again.

JP: How long were you part-time before you went full-time?

KJ: I had a conversation with André Malenfant, the EXIT Realty Associates manager, and the goal we set was to get 20 listings, then I would leave my full-time job. I was always trying to punch that goal, and I got close, but I was at the point where I was almost burnt out. Finally, I just said, “Look, I quit.” I think it was after about eight months or so. I got busy enough selling real estate that I was comfortable. I was trying to have enough cash flow that I could support all the bills.

JP: I’m glad you’re sharing this because we have so many people who’ve started this way. They start part-time and are eager to go full-time, but you’ve got to be careful transitioning. It’s exciting to hear that it’s totally possible. I love that you’re saying you’ve got to trust yourself. How do you know when it’s time to make that move?

KJ: You get to a point where you just have to tell yourself that it’s all going to work out. That’s what I always did, even if it didn’t always lead to something. I just put the time in, and everything worked out. You work at it, and the people come, and the more you work, the more people tend to gravitate towards you.

JP: Once you gained traction, did you need someone to help you stay on track?

KJ: There was another agent, we used to door knock together. At some point, he didn’t want to anymore, and I just kept at it. I felt like, when you’re starting real estate, it seems like you’re not doing much because there’s very little coming out of it. As long as I went out, I felt like I did something. I think it took about 50 or 60 doors before I got my first client, and then it snowballed. I didn’t get all the listings, I’d lose some, I’d win some. But it’s a numbers game; the more time you put in, the more chances you’ll get something.

JP: That’s it right there. It is a numbers game; it’s just about getting in front of enough people over and over again.  You’re so young in the business, yet you’ve accomplished more than many do in a lifetime. You’re a true entrepreneur: selling real estate, earning multiple cash flow streams from EXIT’s head office as a thank you for the agents you’ve invited into EXIT Realty, investing, and training. You’ve really put yourself out there in many ways to get more exposure. Let’s talk about that; it seems like you’ve taken advantage of every possible opportunity.

KJ: I got to a point that I was like, “Okay, how do I increase my business?” I knew I was going to have to try different things. If they didn’t work, they were a write-off, and I move on to the next thing.

JP: Now, having reached EXIT’s Million Dollar Circle for earning over $1M in gross commission in EXIT’s 2023 production year, I think it’s worked. You really bring courage to the table and embrace getting out of your comfort zone.

KJ: When I started, it was all about getting out of my comfort zone. Door knocking, at first, was really hard. You just do it, even if you aren’t sure, and then you get better at it and then you become comfortable.

JP: Do you feel that was easier with support from your office and leadership team? I always say if you have a good vibe with people and the place you’re at, that’s paramount.

KJ: I agree. Whether it’s real estate or any other environment, when you feel good about it, you’re more productive; you do more business. You know, people, “the EXIT management team”, have got your back, and they’re going to look after you. It’s definitely not all about money, and I feel like so far, it’s paid off.

As seen in Buzz Magazine. Reproduced with permission.

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