By Melanie Robitaille, Sr. Staff Writer and Graphic Designer

Professionalism, knowledge and leadership are the guiding principles that EXIT Realty Laredo Franchisees, Kelly and Flor Gonzalez, have used to run their successful Texas real estate brokerage for just over 20 years.

This husband and wife team bring a balanced approach to running what Kelly describes as a tight ship. He uses his extensive franchising and financial background to promote the office and handle onboarding and training of agents, while Flor brings her nurturing side to the art of sponsoring and charitable outreach.

“Everyone joining our office is here to build a long-term career in order to be financially sound and to help their families,” Kelly said of his agents, whom he holds to the highest standards. “Our team understands my ethics and our obligation to serve the public to the best of our ability. They’re expected to know more and understand agency, contracts, technology and how to use it.”  Kelly also follows the teachings of the late EXIT Trainer, Bill Nasby, saying, “Our foundation is built on the Nasby way of knocking on doors, which requires great communication and teaches agents to learn to listen.”

These strong business and customer service principles made the heart behind EXIT’s brand a natural choice for Kelly and Flor when they converted their brokerage to EXIT 15 years ago. It was also the unique business model known as the EXIT Formula, which provides the opportunity for EXIT associates to earn single-level residual income over and above their real estate commissions for helping to grow the company. EXIT Realty Laredo recently celebrated generating $1,000,000 in single-level residual income paid to EXIT associates by EXIT Realty Corp. International because of real estate transactions closed by their agents.

“All real estate companies I interviewed offered the same but lacked what I offered in all my previous businesses. To me, the way to succeed is by giving back to your employees and helping them do well, so everyone can do well and prosper,” he said. “EXIT has the same ideology and reminded me of when I opened my first Mailboxes Etc. franchise in Texas. I was the first of that brand, and one of the first EXIT offices in Texas as well.”

EXIT Realty Laredo might be built on the tough love principle of “walk in with a positive attitude or go home”, but as Kelly explains it’s love none-the-less, saying, “It’s simple. Just care. We’re all human and sometimes we need to stop what we’re doing and listen. I show that my ear is theirs when they have personal, financial or other types of problems. I can’t ask for my agents to be positive without being available to help even if I’m just a sounding board.”

Being no stranger to the world of franchising, Kelly knew every brand had a functionable concept, but his financial background taught him the crucial step of understanding both leader and vision of the company in which you’re investing.

“After hearing Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris and his other executives at Broker/Owner Training I knew I was on a winning team in a very competitive market. With the personal support, direct communication, and advice from corporate there was nothing that could stop me from succeeding.”

And succeed they have, enjoying 18% market share in an area filled with several independent offices and competitive franchise brands. Kelly is proud of his skilled, 30+ agent team, saying he would take a small dedicated group over the alternative any day. EXIT Realty Laredo has grown into a truly full-service and well reputed office in their community, known for their Giving for a Reason charity spearheaded by Flor and their 3,600 sq. ft. full-service office for both clients and agents.


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