How Jeni VanOrnum Made Her Dreams Come True with EXIT Realty

Jeni VanOrnum is an Associate Broker with EXIT Realty DTC, Cherry Creek, Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Listen to the full episode of Jeni VanOrnum, An amazing success story, on EXIT Realty’s Leader’s Path Podcast hosted by Director of Leadership, Bob McKinnon.

Jeni VanOrnum is the gold standard for real estate professionals at EXIT Realty. Even though real estate is in her blood, it took her many years to find the satisfaction she longed for in a team like the one she eventually found at EXIT.

Jeni’s Origins in Real Estate

Jeni’s work in real estate dates back to when she worked the front desk for her mom’s real estate brokerage on the weekends at just 16 years old. After witnessing the inconsistency of her mom’s monthly income, Jeni swore she wouldn’t work in real estate as an adult. But, as it turned out, that couldn’t keep her away for long.

Jeni worked for her mom for about a year before she moved to a small company in metro Colorado. Although she thought the company was great, they didn’t provide very comprehensive training. This caused her to constantly doubt her decisions.

From there, Jeni moved to Keller Williams. They provided training that the previous company had lacked, but she felt unimportant as if she was just a number. Lastly, Jeni moved to Prudential. While she believes they were a fantastic company, she still was left with that inescapable urge of wanting more.

Jeni’s Move to EXIT

With all the experience she had acquired, Jeni decided she was ready to start her own business. But before she could make the change, her title rep insisted  she needed to talk to Marc and Sheryll White.

From the moment she met the Whites, Jeni loved them! She decided to join their brokerage and attended the first EXIT Realty Corp. International Convention just two months later in the Bahamas with her husband. By sitting in the meetings, Jeni’s husband Jeff saw exactly why Jeni loved the company so much. It was clear she had finally found her people.

Why Jeni Loves EXIT

Even though Jeni enjoyed her time at her previous workplaces, she was really lacking the tribe that she finally found at EXIT. It was important to her to find a group of people who would notice if she was missing. She wanted comradery.

As a bonus, EXIT had great systems and tools in place. She didn’t have to compromise. In fact, her business has increased 15% each year since coming to EXIT. It’s allowed her to experience the perfect combination of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

After getting her own business going with EXIT, Jeni decided to also invest in her passion for mentoring by becoming a lead instructor at Kaplan Real Estate Education. It was the perfect way to pair her childhood dream of becoming a teacher with her career in real estate. In this role, she mentors and teaches new agents.

When it comes to getting others involved with EXIT, Jeni knows the importance of timing. When they’re ready, Jeni is always happy to talk to them. She refers to the people she’s sponsored—all 17 of them—as her team. For many people, talking to Jeni about EXIT can help them achieve dreams and desires that they may not have even realized they have. This is why Jeni considers mentoring to be just as rewarding as working with buyers and sellers.

The EXIT Advantage!

EXIT not only changed Jeni’s life but it has allowed her to help others change theirs as well. What’s truly amazing is that Jeni’s experience isn’t unique—it’s one that’s shared by many EXIT real estate professionals!

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  1. Jeni is my Obi-Wan! Jeni is the reason why I stayed in real estate and why I’m successful.
    She is an incredible mentor and friend. EXIT Realty is so fortunate to have such a team player as well as a natural born leader in their midst. She is truly the GOLD standard!

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