How to Stage Your Home for Sale Over the Fall Holidays

Staging is a crucial part of attracting buyers and getting the biggest offer for your home. It’s especially important in the colder months when the market isn’t quite as hot! With Halloween and Thanksgiving both right around the corner, you might as well take advantage of our love of the holidays and stage your home accordingly. Here are some ideas for how to stage your home for the holidays!

Use Fall-Inspired Scents

Is there anything better than the scents of fall? From steaming apple cider to pumpkin spice lattes to freshly-baked pie, there’s a grocery store worth of options for fall-inspired scents. However, you don’t have to spend all day baking a pie just to impress buyers. The easiest way to scent the home for sale is to light some ultra-aromatic candles that create a cozy atmosphere throughout your home.

Leave the Blood and Guts in Storage

While some holiday-themed decorations are a welcome addition to your for-sale home, it’s important to remember that certain decorations can definitely be off-putting. Remember: one of the points of staging is to depersonalize the home. Because of this, your choices for holiday décor should appeal to the average buyer and not be anything that’s too personal or over-the-top.

For example, a few pumpkins strewn throughout the home are a welcome decorative choice, but a fake skeleton or anything too spooky could leave buyers less than impressed. You definitely don’t want to scare them away!

Amp up the Cozy Factor

While a lot of people love the look of fall, the drop in temperature is one of the less appealing things about the autumn months, even during the holidays. You want buyers to associate your home with a sense of warmth. So, first things first: make sure the heat is turned on to overpower any potential drafts. If there’s a fireplace, having a crackling flame is a welcoming detail that looks, sounds, and feels like the holidays.  But remember, safety first! Don’t leave open flames unattended if you leave the house for showings. 

You may also want to get some cozy throw pillows and fuzzy blankets in warm tones and lay them out on the furniture. Any buyer will easily be able to picture themselves curled up in the living room watching a holiday movie or reading a good book!

Set the Stage with Simplicity in Mind

Not only do you want to avoid decorations that are too over-the-top, but you also want to avoid overdoing it with the amount of décor you put out. Décor can easily become clutter, and clutter has to go when you’re staging. Make sure the entryways and hallways in particular are clear and that the overall impression of the home is still neat, tidy, and spacious.

Stage Your Home for Sale to Perfection for the Holidays

When you follow these tips on how to stage your home, your home will look fantastic for the fall holiday season. A house that’s been fabulously staged will excite buyers who will look forward to hosting their own holiday celebrations in the home. Getting a great offer on your home will give you an excellent reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving!

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