Intelligent marketing tools for a seamless real estate selling experience

By Samantha Morris, VP Digital Marketing, EXIT Realty Corp. International

Are you looking for a forward-thinking agent with powerful, innovative tactics to help sell your home fast? Even in today’s sellers’ market, we are beginning to see a decline in the competitive offers and bidding wars that typically drive up a sale price. Most buyers use online tools in their home searches, so understanding their behavior and leveraging platforms that provide digital advertising can help you reach the people who are currently searching for their next home.

Social media plays an important role in this process. By working with a savvy REALTOR® who understands how to gather interested buyer data that generates quality leads and who has access to an arsenal of digital marketing tools, you will be well on your way to seeing your property sold efficiently and for the best price possible.

In 2018 EXIT Realty Corp. International collaborated and partnered with social media giant Facebook to design an integrated and intelligent advertising tool specifically for real estate. Our enterprise marketing solution EXIT Ad Center was born, carving out an exclusive path for every REALTOR® in our network by giving them access to sophisticated, cost effective, lead generating marketing campaigns.

As a Top Provider in Facebook’s trusted network, we were thrilled in 2021 when EXIT Ad Center was named best-in-class in marketing in the real estate sector. Since its inception, EXIT Ad Center has been working with Facebook’s algorithms, constantly learning through AI (artificial intelligence) to adapt to not only better understand the needs of the agent and seller, but also the demands and desires of the buyer.

Grabbing the attention of prospective buyers can be challenging, especially in a day like to today with attention spans diminishing. People are inherently visual beings and that is why highly visual content that can be delivered immediately – and strategically – in the palm of the buyers’ hand can make all the difference in a sale.   

At EXIT Realty, EXIT Ad Center is just one of our many digital marketing tools that automatically begins working for you as soon as your property listing hits the MLS®. Our Expert Marketing Suite™ includes geo-location Smart Sign™ technology that instantly provides listing information about your property to buyers, beautiful digital listing presentations, property websites and virtual tours. Our EXIT Realty Connect App brings this technology together from high tech to high touch, right in the palm of your hand, connecting sellers with agents and buyers with properties.

Regardless of the market, don’t waste your time wondering what your next move should be. Contact an EXIT Realty professional today and make your move tomorrow!

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