Latest Interior Paint Color Trends: What Are the Best Décor Options?

Whether you’re updating the look of your home for personal reasons or want to prepare it to be listed for sale, a fresh coat of interior paint delivers several benefits.

With a fresh coat of paint on the walls, you can seal out moisture, repel dirt and allergens, and keep everything a bit cleaner.

When you take on this update, either yourself or through a professional, some colors have a more significant impact than others. Here are the trends to consider for 2022 for those looking to contemporize their properties.

What Are the Top Interior Paint Trends for 2022?

1. Orange Interior Design Trends

Orange is an intriguing color that delivers an inviting shade while delivering vibrancy. It creates feelings of joy and optimism without the stimulation of a redder tone. Painting a room in this way adds personality to the space while creating an atmosphere that embraces relaxation and coziness.

One of the best rooms to paint orange in the home is the entryway. Add some of your favorite interior décor components to create a beautiful and customized space.

2. Taupe Interior Design Trends

Neutral colors are often recommended when placing a home for sale on the market. Taupe is a little darker than beige or off-white, adding a sense of warmness to the background. You can highlight the natural features in this space while using soft furnishings with splashes of patterns and color throughout to create different micro-atmospheres.

3. Teal Interior Design Trends

When someone steps on an ocean beach, the salty air feels energizing. The energy from the waves coming to the shore is invigorating yet relaxing at the same time. When updating the paint in your home, a teal color that mimics the hues that represent water can deliver a mental escape from the stresses the day provides.

You can consider a bluer color if you want something closer to the sky, while pastel tones can provide more of an island feel. When the natural light comes through the windows, you’ll have incredible results.

4. Yellow Interior Design Trends

Yellow is an excellent choice for interior decorating because it adds lightness to rooms that feel naturally closed or confining. Even if the sunlight doesn’t come into that space, it’ll seem more open and welcoming each time you walk through the door.

This hue provides moments of positivity when encountered indoors. It’s perfect for the places where lots of activity or socializing occur. If you have a formal dining room, anything in the yellow spectrum will add vitality to the space.

5. Gray Interior Design Trends

Gray provides the right balance between green and blue to create multiple personalities for any room or space. It allows you to be understated with your interior décor, bold and vibrant, or show off your best pieces. Several shades are available so that you can find an appropriate mood.

Although gray paint works in most situations, you’ll find that it shines at its best when less light enters the room. It creates a mood that feels quiet and calming while providing an excellent backdrop for antiques, rich textiles, and natural furniture.

6. Pink Interior Design Trends

If you want to avoid the typical neutral colors for a home, pink is a viable alternative. It delivers interest and warmth without overwhelming people when they’re in the room.

Selecting the right hue for this option can feel a little daunting, especially since you can find a spectrum that runs from peach to rose. When you want to keep the pink brightness levels low, consider a softer option with fewer pastel-like qualities.

You can use that decorating option to include burgundy, earth tones, and olive greens for a lovely effect. The hues play off each other to create beautiful contrast points throughout your design.

7. Purple Interior Design Trends

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2022 is a shade of periwinkle. When you adopt interior design concepts with this shape, you’re getting the consistency that blue provides with a touch of excitement from red. That means you end up receiving an empowering level of creativity while preparing for the challenges that come each day.

When you think about the latest interior paint color trends, almost anything is possible with these choices. You’ll have a wide range of options that fit your personality and style while creating spaces that appeal to potential buyers. If you feel that an update is appropriate, make 2022 be the year when you get stuff done!

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