No Green Thumb? Check Out These Low-Care Houseplants

Houseplants add color and charm to any room. They also need a lot of TLC to live a successful life. When you have a busy schedule that doesn’t offer them much attention, houseplants often start wilting. The stresses of watering and sunlight errors can even cause them to die.

Since no one wants to see that, it makes sense to invest in houseplants that don’t require much care. These resilient species can stand up to a lot.

What Are the Best Low-Maintenance Houseplants?

If you love the extra color and life that houseplants provide, these options deliver outstanding results without breaking your budget. Most are available at local greenhouses and retailers.

1. Aloe

The aloe vera plant has a gel in its spires that can soothe burns and cuts. It can even be turned into a juice that calms your stomach. Since the soil needs to dry completely before getting extra water to avoid root rot, you can usually give it a drink every three weeks, and it will thrive. Try to pot this plant in a terra cotta container to facilitate moisture evaporation from the soil.

2. Snake Plant

The waxy ribbons that shoot straight up from the pot provide an attractive element for any home. It thrives in areas where other houseplants struggle, although it does need some light and water. If you pay attention to it about twice per month, you should see your investment grow and thrive.

3. ZZ Plant

If you have a plant-eating cat at home, keep this houseplant away from them because it will cause stomach upset. It needs very little water, thriving in conditions that include low light and little water. Since the growth time is minimal, this species tends to be one of the more expensive options at local greenhouses.

4. Chinese Evergreen

This hardy indoor houseplant can handle almost any environmental conditions you throw its way. The leaves offer an appealing range of different light and dark green patterns. When you can give it enough sunlight, it will develop blooms that look a bit like calla lilies.

5. Pothos

If you want to see growth progress with a houseplant, this option is excellent. Pothos is part of the philodendron family, so it will grow quickly. The variegated leaves provide a striking contrast for indoor décor, and you can choose to hang this option or have it sitting alone in a pot on the coffee table. You can limit its size by not repotting it when it’s ready to outgrow its container.

6. Rabbit’s Ear

This unique houseplant has hairy leaves that prevent it from losing water due to evaporation. Its shape looks just like a rabbit’s ear, which is where it gets its name, although it is a member of the kalanchoe family. You can expect about two or three new leaves to appear every 60 days.

7. Spider Plant

You get two benefits by investing in this beautiful houseplant. First, it is easy to grow, needing minimal sunlight and water to thrive. It loves indoor or outdoor locations, so you have versatile placement options.

As for the second advantage, this plant develops “spiderettes” that you can detach and root in potting soil to create even more houseplants to enjoy.

8. Hawaiian Schefflera

This houseplant is also called an “umbrella tree.” It proliferates rapidly, adapts easily to containers, and is easy to manage. If the plant starts trying to outgrow its pot or placement, just clip a few of the top leaves to keep it in check.

9. Air Plants

These houseplants are epiphytes, which means they can grow without any soil. Tillandsia is one of the easiest to grow because all they need is a misting each week to keep them healthy. That means you can place them in different locations around the house, which wouldn’t always work for other plant species.

10. African Violet

These delicate purple flowers are the perfect addition to consider if you love having an indoor garden. They also have some “hair” on their leaves to help prevent dehydration. You can grow them in clusters or individually. Although this plant needs more sunlight than other low-maintenance options, the extra work is worth the blooms you receive.

When you have houseplants at home, you have ways to beautify your environment while reducing indoor air pollution. These options require minimal care, which means you get the benefits of having plants without worrying about changing your daily routine.

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