Opportunity IS Knocking

By Melanie Robitaille, Sr. Staff Writer and Graphic Designer

In real estate, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to keep pace and put off refining your skills. In extreme markets, you get used to clients seeking you out, instead of knowing where to find them, how to ask for their business, and build trusting referral-worthy relationships.

After 11 years as an EXIT Realty MIND-SET Trainer, Erica Nasby knows that many agents lack the confidence to do these things on a normal day. So, what do you do when listings in your market are all seemingly fished out? Top real estate coach, author and speaker, Brian Buffini suggests, “There’s not a shortage of inventory, there’s a shortage of listed inventory,” and that essentially there’s plenty of fish, (or houses in this case) just not enough agents going out and asking for the business.

Today’s successful agents build a strategic career where good digital marketing is backed by the power of interpersonal skills. It’s unlikely you’ll sell a house via text or Snapchat, and clients still want personal attention as well as a trustworthy real estate advisor. There’s no greater way to be that for someone than by going right to their door.

“I think you build your chops in a market like this, especially if you’re working with buyers, but a boom like this eventually goes away. Anybody who can go out and prospect for business will always have a job; and not just prospect, anybody who can go out and build a relationship will always have a job,” Erica said with certainty of dealing with uncertain times. “People still get married, get divorced, have babies, and move into care facilities. At the doors you’re only looking for people who have to move, it’s never working to convince people, but you’re simultaneously building relationships with those who aren’t moving, so when they do need a real estate expert, you’ve already been in front of them multiple times qualifying them. That’s what you do at the doors, you qualify buyers and sellers looking to move within the next 12 months.”

Door knocking leaves a lasting impression that cannot accidentally be deleted. It helps build a recognizable presence, a refined negotiation vocabulary and presentation skills, as well as a productive inventory pipeline. With it comes the confidence of knowing you’ll have 12 months’ worth of strong leads in your pocket. It also helps build a knowledgeable market perspective and a powerful farming practice, easing stress around pricing, and turning you into a market expert whom other agents seek out for advice and information.

This is how EXIT Realty’s Field Day Training or online Performance Training with Erica Nasby can help. Build people skills, better habits, and self-confidence, and take those into the field and knock on doors. A renowned personal coach and TEDx Speaker, Erica not only furthered her late father, Bill Nasby’s legacy of a back-to-basics method to real estate, she expanded on it.

“I teach agents how to work with and through their own emotions, so the stress and fear don’t override them. I also teach agents how to recognize the subconscious patterns that keep them stuck. We look at how to read personalities at the doors, how to create the habit of door knocking and follow up, how to set goals, how to communicate more effectively, and how to deal with integrating your everyday life with the demands of real estate. I hold you accountable, both in thought and action. It’s a recalibration every week to stay on track,” she explained of the two-part course.

The doors aren’t dead, they’re part of the foundation upon which this business is built. Ask yourself where you’d you rather be? Sitting inside your head in a cubicle or home office on the sidelines, or spending time taking control of your productivity by owning your day? Because as Emerson said, “He is only rich who owns the day.”

For more information about EXIT Realty’s MIND-SET Training Systems, please visit joinexitrealty.com.

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