The unsung heroes of any real estate brokerage are its administrative and secretarial staff who work tirelessly to support the leadership and agents in their day-to-day endeavors.  They are the company’s “plate spinners”, able to balance many important tasks at once, both cheerfully and skillfully.

When EXIT Realty’s Founder & Chairman, Steve Morris, conceived of a Formula which would revolutionize the real estate industry, he made special provision to recognize these professionals at the brokerage level.  A portion of every transaction fee received by EXIT Realty Corp. International is set aside and apportioned annually as an Administrative Bonus paid to the secretarial and administrative staff in the offices where the deals were finalized.

“Throughout my decades in this business, I have held the position of Real Estate Administrator in the highest esteem,” said Morris.  “EXIT Realty wouldn’t be the company she is without them.”

A few of our Administrators shared their thoughts on what receiving a bonus from the corporate office means to them:

I have the valuable opportunity of working with a company that truly values all the people who contribute to its growth and success. For me, the monetary bonus represents that heartfelt appreciation from the leadership of our company and is a welcome addition to the many benefits of working in the EXIT family!  My ‘why’ is working behind the scenes along with the other two assistants in our office to make sure our agents have the support they need to thrive in their real estate businesses.
Angie Monteith, Administrator, EXIT Realty Pro, Canton TX

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the Administrative Bonus I received from EXIT Realty Corporate this year. The family atmosphere and the constant education and support offered to EXIT franchisees and agents makes my job as administrative support staff so easy and enjoyable. I consider the opportunity to work with such a great company a true blessing.
Jennifer Hiller, Associate Assistant/Compliance Officer, EXIT Realty Pro, Canton TX

The Administrative Bonus tells me that EXIT cares not only for their agents, but for those of us ‘behind the scenes’. Although admins are not out meeting with clients, we are often the folks who are posting to social media, working on websites, marketing the agents and agency and supporting our agents while they’re out in the field. It is very reassuring to know that the company cares about us as well!
Lisa Lewis, Administrator, EXIT Realty Keystone, Morgan Hill CA

Over the span of 10 years, I have worked for three other real estate companies before I worked for EXIT.  I love being an admin.  People always want to know why I am not an agent and it’s because I love helping agents and clients alike. I enjoy being the one with the answers and, I must say, I am pretty good at what I do.  That being said, this is the first place I have found where I feel appreciated for what I do and what I bring to the table. The fact that EXIT appreciates us so much drives home that admins are very important members of the team. My office is like a family. Everyone respects each other and what they do. I am so lucky to have found EXIT.
Alexis Loftus, Administrator, EXIT Realty Jersey Shore, Toms River NJ

It means to me that Corporate realizes, appreciates and acknowledges what the support people do to make sure the offices are functioning at full steam.   Many of us have been in companies where a warm thank you is given, but nothing other than words. <At EXIT>, we know the Franchisee appreciates us as well as the Company, which means so much.
Mary Timmons, Administrator, EXIT Realty Metro, Minneapolis MN

I am truly so thankful for EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Administrative Bonus.  While I have worked in the real estate field for other franchises, I have never experienced the level of appreciation that I have since I started with EXIT.
Michelle Erecitano, Office Manager, EXIT Beach Realty, Ormond Beach FL

This is my second year receiving the Administrative Bonus. For a company to put in place a bonus for the Administrators is amazing and one I want to continue to work for.  Always looking out for everyone!
Vickie Blattner, Office Manager, EXIT Realty Select Partners, Okemos MI

To me, the Administrative Bonus is a reflection of the hard work and dedication we provide to our clients and agents. For our clients, the home selling and buying process is often the biggest sale or investment of their lifetime, and they deserve to be treated with care throughout their listing and selling or buying process. Our Agents work hard every day and rely on the support of the Administrative staff to do the duties they can’t while they are out listing a home or working with buyers.  Receiving the Administrative bonus each year is a blessing and it is an honor to be acknowledged for our hard work and dedication.
Tessa Hall, Transaction Coordinator, EXIT Lake Realty Premier, Baxter MN



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