Door knocking is well outside most people’s comfort zone, and for that reason, it’s the perfect challenge. As author Neal Donald Walsch says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Door knocking is so much more than a prospecting strategy – it’s neighborhood networking. You’re out having conversations, building face-to-face relationships, and showcasing your hustle. But it’s not always easy.

Field Day and Performance Training are two-day and sixty-day training sessions respectively, taught by international speaker and top producing trainer and coach, Erica Nasby, that put the “pro” in prospecting. Through her coaching, you’ll learn practical prospecting skills and how to overcome the psychological barriers that hinder success. Jennifer Hortin with EXIT Realty Advantage, UT, and Gary Trembinski with EXIT Realty Lake Superior, Brokerage, ON, were each starting their very first year in real estate when they started training with Erica. These are their respective journeys of how they turned what they learned into something spectacular:

Opportunity only knocks once

Jennifer: I became a licensed agent with EXIT Realty Advantage in May 2018 and attended Field Day with Erica Nasby three weeks later. I remember how nervous I was knocking on my first door. I fumbled my words, my hands were shaking, and it was another real estate agent who opened the door. When we finished with the doors that day, I felt relieved yet accomplished.

Gary: I was both excited and scared joining a business my family has been involved in since the ‘80s. Erica asked us our goals for 2018 and I told her mine was to earn $30,000. To me – 25 years old and as green as could be with real estate – that seemed like a lot of money. She said I needed to think bigger, and she raised it to $100,000. Stubborn as I was, I fought her tooth and nail throughout the weeks of training. How could I attain a goal so high, so quickly?

The school of hard knocks

Jennifer: I took to heart what was taught and decided to trust the process. I made a commitment to myself to go door knocking four days per week to reach my goal, and I did exactly that. There have been hard days: doors shut in my face, a dog bite, a devastatingly negative post on social media, and more. It was challenging with each hurdle, but I kept my commitment and continued knocking. I realized that door knocking was helping me feel better about myself.

Gary: I got out there, door knocked, dropped gifts off to clients, wrote letters, and consistently farmed to grow my business.  Following Erica’s advice, I set three major goals for the year: buy my dream car, purchase a home, and earn $100,000. Halfway through the year I bought my two-door Cadillac coupe and realized this was all coming together. Had Erica been right, could I really be doing this?

And they knocked ‘em dead

Jennifer: My first deal came four-and-half months after I started knocking doors. In my first year, I closed 21 deals. Three-quarters of those deals came directly from door knocking, and the remainder resulted from the confidence, knowledge, and experience I gained from the doors. The script has been life changing. At EXIT’s 2019 Convention I received the Nasby’s Knuckles award. My husband and I continue to practice this new mindset and have grown exponentially because of it. Erica’s training truly has become one of the greatest blessing in my life.

Gary: I accomplished all three of my goals by the end of 2018. They sounded ludicrous at first, but Erica wouldn’t accept anything less; she made me believe. I didn’t always agree with her, but I listened to what she had to say. Now in 2019, I’m already over the $200,000 gross mark with closed, firm, and conditional deals. I was named EXIT Realty Canada’s 2018 Rookie of the Year and received my Silver Award at EXIT’s 2019 Convention. I’ve got my sights set on Gold in 2020. While I may not be the best door knocker in the world, it was Erica who helped me believe in myself and took me out of my comfort zone. She made me realize my potential.

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