Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris welcomes EXIT Associates to Washington, DC.

All roads lead to the Capitol Building in Washington DC and all roads in EXIT lead to our fabulous annual Convention Gala!  EXIT Realty Corp. International is proud to return to the prestigious Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center for this year’s celebration.  A beautiful, waterfront resort located on the historic Potomac River and convenient to shopping, entertainment and everything the capitol region has to offer, the Gaylord National will host us in style.

Headed by Senior Vice President, Christina Luis, EXIT’s hardworking Convention team has once again exceeded all expectations to deliver an exciting, enthralling, enriching and educational event the likes of which you’ve never before experienced.  Our every moment together will build in a crescendo to Friday night’s Gala dance-‘til-you-drop formal ball where we will draw three $25,000 grand prizes! Remember, you have to be in the room to win and we know you won’t want to miss a minute leading up to the announcement of our winners at midnight.

Countless hours are spent planning and executing our Convention.  I’m thrilled to hear time and again how attendance at Convention literally changes lives for the better, enlightens and informs, teaches and inspires and forges life-long friendships at all levels of the organization from sea to shining sea.  When you share your heart with us, we are inspired to do better and be better.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining us!  Be present every minute, talk to strangers, learn and hug and grow. Now have a ball!

Follow the buzz at #EXITCONV.



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