A message from Steve Morris

Following the initial introduction of Prompter! ™ at EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Annual Convention in The Bahamas, thousands of people from all walks of life have signed up and are now participating on a daily basis.

After five thousand hours of seminars and three thousand books on the subject of successful achievement, it is my considered opinion that deliberate intentions, in the form of affirmations, habitualized in the present tense is perhaps the most important fundamental principle I have learned.  It is with this in mind that Prompter! ™, was forged to assist everyone in their personal growth and development in a manner similar to that which I have used over my entire career.  Knowing and understanding that time is of the essence, the methodology used by Prompter! ™ to affirm on a daily basis takes approximately three minutes per day.  Our uniquely tailored software program randomizes your affirmations and delivers 12 to you at each 21-day stage.  Through the Law of Attraction you will receive totally appropriate affirmations at precisely the right time.

This will prove to be one of your finest decisions ever!  Individual success and achievement is primarily based on one’s sense of self-worth.  The picture that you have of yourself on the inside determines how you act and react on the outside.  If you see yourself as a 4 out of 10, you will act like a 4 out of 10.  When self-concept or self-image is reinforced in the present tense with deliberate intentions (affirmations) over 21 days they become habits.  This builds in new mental roadways of opportunity and expands an individual’s sense of self-worth.  This is accomplished in groups of 12 affirmations per 21 day stage with Prompter! ™.  The procedure is as follows: You simply keep the master list which you receive by email and hand-print the 12 affirmations.  You then scan it or photograph it with your mobile device and email it to affirmations@prompter.ca each day for 21 days.

It takes 21 days to learn a new habit.  Once the first 21 day stage is complete, Prompter! ™ will forward you a brand new list and you simply continue in the same manner, only this time, you hand-print the new set.  This process will then repeat after each 21 days.  It takes about 3 minutes a day and it is recommended that you do it first thing, perhaps when you have your morning coffee.  Throughout an entire year, 204 new affirmations will become fixed into your subconscious mind this way and a new you will begin to blossom, much stronger and more capable than before.  Everyone participating in   Prompter! ™ enjoys it immensely.  This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to self-improve known.  It is literally good for everyone.  Those who signed up at convention and at subsequent events, will begin to receive their first set of affirmations this week!

If you have not yet signed up and would like to participate, visit www.prompter.ca and register!  Please feel free to share with friends and family as Prompter! ™ is open to everyone at no cost!



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