500 Miracle Mornings

by Susan Harrison, Senior Vice President, EXIT Realty Corp. International

Five hundred days ago, I started a 30-day challenge to complete Hal Elrod’s daily Miracle Morning SAVERS routine. 

I first read about the Miracle Morning in a Facebook post written by Nick Libert, the Broker/Owner of EXIT Strategy Realty in Chicago, who wrote about how the routine helped him prepare to run a marathon. After listening to the book a couple of times on Audible, I decided to try the 30-day challenge myself. I chose November 1, 2019 as my starting date and driving to work in late October, I considered asking my EXIT Family if they might be interested in joining me in the challenge.  The conversation in my head went something like this: 

Me: I wonder if any EXIT folks would want to do this with me. 

The Universe: They might, but if you put it out there, you realize you’re going to actually have to do it for 30 days, right? 

Me: Well that’s true, but it’s only a 30-day commitment and I don’t have to continue beyond that.  

The Universe: Do it.   

My life works best when I do what the Universe tells me to do, so I posted the challenge on Facebook and to my delight, several of our associates expressed interest.  I created an EXIT-only Miracle Morning Facebook group for the participants to keep in touch and encourage one another.  Membership swelled when Nick jumped on board and told his agents about the challenge.  

The Miracle Morning SAVERS routine is all about waking up earlier than usual and spending a period of time on each of the following activities first thing in the morning:  Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (ie journaling).  The acronym spells SAVERS.  Thanks to the vision and guidance of EXIT’s Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris, our company is holistic and believes that productivity will come as a natural result of strengthening the individual first, so some of these activities were already part of my daily routine, but not all and not first thing in the morning.  The challenge helped me to formalize my commitment.  

Members of our Facebook group are encouraged to complete their SAVERS daily, post in the group and support and engage with other members.  One of my favourite things about our group is that it’s a level playing field.  There are members in every role at EXIT: administrative staff, agents, broker/owners, regional owners, head office staff and executives.  Regardless of our role with the company, each individual is striving to become the best version of ourselves.  Sometimes we do well and sometimes we struggle, and the group is warm and supportive regardless.  Members are also encouraged to join Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning Facebook group to connect with and learn from people across the world who are also following the routine and pursuing the same goal.  

Mid way through our initial 30-day challenge, I started to experience the positive aspects of the routine. My affirmations were manifesting, I was meditating and walking daily and so on.  Other members of the group reported similar results and because we were also enjoying the comradery of the group, we collectively decided to continue beyond the initial 30 days.  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and so much seemed out of our control, the routine and daily interaction with the group kept me grounded in a positive mindset of prosperity and gratitude.  Fast forward to March 15, 2021. Our group is 500 days old and I have completed the SAVERS routine for 500 consecutive days. The positive impact of both the routine and participation in the group have compounded for me in life-changing ways.   

Some of the group members offered their feedback on both the routine and the group experience.   

Diane Farr, Broker/Owner, EXIT Realty of the Smokies, TN 

I love the reminders and the shares from others in the group. Such a continuous flow of positivity. 

David Bathurst, Sales Representative, EXIT Realty Metro, NS 

Tho’ I have hardly posted within the group, I am so pleased to be a part of it as I do read the posts from others and I get such a positive boost to my day reading the positive notes with inspiration!! 

Deloar Khan, Sales Representative, EXIT Family Realty, NY 

Because of this group I’ve got the right mindset and morning discipline. 

Karen Biron, Sales Representative, EXIT Realty Polson, MT

I love all the sharing and positive thoughts. I have learned to make the Miracle Morning my own way and that makes for a perfect day! The encouragement in the group is heart warming.  

Karen Williams, Sales Representative, EXIT Realty Gulf Shores, AL 

Love it! I love the daily encouragement! 

Erika Gileo, COO, EXIT Realty Corp. International 

What strikes me as the most important element of this group is the knowledge that one can share their strengths and vulnerability with this caring and non-judgmental group. I believe that this sense of community is present throughout our EXIT family but ever more prevalent here. The positive messages that are shared within this group provide a welcome haven during difficult times. 

Sheryll White, Broker/Owner, EXIT Realty DTC, Cherry Creek, Pikes Peak CO 

Miracle Morning has been such a great way to set accountability in a positive and productive way across the country. The sharing and encouragement keep daily momentum for a great day. 

I believe there is always something to be grateful for, and in my life, those things include my EXIT Family and the Miracle Morning routine.  Here’s to our next 500 days and beyond 


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  1. Beautiful ! I love this group , sometimes it’s a photograph , sometimes it’s the right words at the right time , this is a great depiction of family ❤️

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