6 Fun Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home

When December 31 arrives, planning a big evening out with family and friends can be fun. If you don’t want to be that social, staying at home can be as exciting when you’ve got a few activities planned!

For some people, the best way to see January 1 arrive is to get a good book, crawl under the covers, and read until the ball drops. Others spend the day watching football, playing board games, or making snowmen in the yard.

If you’re looking for something fun to do while preparing for New Year’s celebrations at home, here are a few ideas to consider trying.

1. Dress Up for the Event

Even if you’re not going anywhere, it is still fun to dress up for the celebration of the new year. Have everyone in the family put on their Sunday best – or at least not their usual sweats. Invest in festive hats and glasses to turn your home into a party. You can even get buzzers and poppers to do your own countdown of the final seconds from your living room.

You could turn this idea into a cosplay party. Have everyone come dressed as their favorite characters, then have food and drinks based on an overall theme. If you chose Harry Potter, you might serve butter beer.

2. Watch a Favorite Movie

One of the best ways to spend the year’s final hours is to binge-watch a favorite TV show with the people you love. Some television classics you’ll find others watching include Friends, The Office, I Love Lucy, and Seinfeld.

If you prefer to watch movies, why not try a Marvel movie marathon on New Year’s Eve? You could also pick some titles with numerous sequels, including Star Trek, Star Wars, and John Wick.

You can use Netflix’s Teleparty feature to share the viewing experience if you cannot share time together in person.

3. Play Video Games

You might have gotten a PS5 underneath the Christmas tree, or there could be an old SNES that you still use to dominate Mario Kart. Either way, spending some time in friendly competition is the updated version of pulling out all the board games.

Don’t let the kids win. Show off your gaming skills!

If you don’t have a gaming console, try playing a mobile game from your phone or tablet. Laptops and PCs can let you tap into a multiplayer experience.

With this option, you’ll have a fun way to stay feeling connected to others while awaiting the new year’s arrival.

4. Write Your Resolutions

Start a new tradition by asking everyone to keep a journal that outlines their resolutions for the new year. Fill them out together before the clock reaches midnight, then work on plans to help everyone meet those goals.

When writing resolutions for the new year, it helps to make them a bit flexible. If you can give yourself some grace, it’ll be easier to keep striving toward what you want to achieve.

5. Call Your Loved Ones

New Year’s Eve provides a great time to contact the people you love. Life gets busy these days, especially as everyone recovers from the holiday season and gets ready to return to work. You’ve got a moment to breathe, so invest it in those closest to you.

One tradition to start this year could be reconnecting with people you last saw or spoke to more than a year ago. Life is too short to allow distance between those that have drifted away from you for one reason or another

That doesn’t mean you should contact someone toxic or who makes you feel unsafe. Always do what is right for your physical and mental health.

6. Share a Drink

Once the kids have decided to call it a night, take a moment to break into that cabinet where you keep the adult beverages. Pour or make your favorite drink, settle into a comfortable chair, and enjoy spending time with those you love. Sometimes, a comfortable quiet is the best thing you can have on New Year’s Eve.

It can be a fun time staying up to see the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. With ideas like these fueling your creativity, you’ll be ready to have a great time at home!

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