You know, for real estate agents there’s not much financial security. When the only income streams are taking listing and making sales, agents tend to live pay check-to-pay check, spending their commission in advance and rarely saving for the future.

You’re only as good as your last transaction and when you stop selling your income stops flowing. But all over the USA and Canada, real estate professionals have discovered an additional revenue stream that fills in the gaps between closing and gives them a financial future that has never existed in real estate before.

This new revenue stream is called sponsoring, and it’s made possible by EXIT Realty. Through sponsoring, agents earn residual income by introducing other agents to the EXIT system. It’s not a multi-level scheme. It’s a proven single-level system that works a lot like it does in the music and insurance industries. You do the work once and get paid over and over again.

For example, Mary is an agent with EXIT Realty, and John is an agent with another brokerage. Mary thinks that John would enjoy working at EXIT Realty too, so she introduces him to her broker, and he’s hired. At EXIT Realty, he’ll immediately start on a 70/30 commission split. That’s 70% to him. As a reward, Mary will instantly receive a residual bonus paid by EXIT Realty Corp. International every time John closes a deal as an EXIT Realty agent. Mary’s bonus is the equivalent of 10% of John’s gross commissions, and Mary’s bonus doesn’t affect John at all, because it isn’t paid from his 70%.

So, if John is producing $50,000 a year (that’s a realistic annual income) that’s an additional $5,000 every year in Mary’s pocket. That $5,000 quickly grows to a much higher number when you start multiplying it. If Mary sponsored, say, 10 people into EXIT, all producing $50,000 per year, that’s an extra $50,000 a year on top of her own commissions. Now imagine Mary’s bank balance if John earned $70,000 or $100,000 a year? It sure adds up! By the way, when John’s commission hits $100,000, his commission increases from 70% to 90%. The money is flowing everywhere!

The great thing about sponsoring with EXIT Realty is that when Mary decides to retire or take a break from real estate, her 10% residuals automatically turn into 7% retirement benefits. Finally, a real estate company that cares about your retirement! For as long as the agents that Mary sponsored continue working at EXIT Realty and are closing deals, Mary will continue receiving the equivalent of 7% of their gross commissions. Plus, when you join EXIT Realty, you designate someone special as your beneficiary, and should anything happen to you, all of your sponsoring residuals instantly turn into the equivalent of 5% beneficiary benefits, so your loved ones are taken care of.

EXIT Realty agents get a piece of the action from the 10% sponsoring residuals and true peace of mind from the 7% retirement benefits and 5% beneficiary benefits. So just imagine, if you sponsored 10 people into EXIT Realty, each earning $100,000 a year, that’s $1,000,000 in your bank account in 10 years! Could you do anything with that? What are the chances of you having $1,000,000 in your bank account doing what you’re presently doing? And with EXIT, you can be confident knowing that you’re backed by a top, award-winning brand with world-class training and digital marketing tools; a company that’s dedicated to helping you and the agents you sponsor achieve success.

EXIT Realty is the Formula that works. You owe it to yourself and your family to take a closer look.



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