A Portable, Lucrative Career in Real Estate Sales for Military Spouses

You’re moving.  Again.

Establishing a fulfilling and financially rewarding career can be a challenge for the spouse of someone serving active duty.  The expectation is such that you won’t be in one place for more than a few years and then you’ll be on the move again.  You need a flexible schedule to be able to care for children and take time off to be with your spouse during leave.  What if there was a way for you to pick up your career and take it with you? What if you could take time off and still receive an income?

We sat down with the Honorable Jose Segarra, Mayor of Killeen, Texas, former US Army Staff Sargent and Broker/Owner of EXIT Homevets Realty to discuss the benefits of a career in real estate for military spouses.

“We’re located near Fort Hood which is the largest military base in the free world. Most of my agents are military-related and the majority of them are military spouses,” he said.  “They tend to move a lot.  They’ll be here for three or four years, they’ve got their business established and unfortunately sometimes they don’t want to leave but they have to.  At EXIT Realty we train them how to succeed anywhere.  If we dropped you from a helicopter anywhere in the country, you have the tools, knowledge and mindset to succeed no matter where you go.”

EXIT Realty has risen to prominence across North America by building strong real estate agents and offices.  Most companies focus on the numbers and not the individual. At EXIT Realty, we believe that by working first to strengthen each agent, the team will be more productive and successful. We do this in five ways:

We provide the tools for you to become thoroughly oriented and trained in the basics of successful real estate sales.  When a military spouse transfers, he or she develops relationships both in the community and with the agents in their new office.  “Because you are connected with the military, there are programs for spouses and network groups that meet and support each other,” said Segarra.  “When you leave a base, friends and acquaintances always tend to find each other.  If you’re new to real estate, you already have a built-in network and the training EXIT Realty provides helps you to talk real estate and take advantage of that extended network.”

In addition, we show you how to properly brand yourself then how to present your brand to the marketplace to get more leads.  Being part of a well-recognized franchise organization means that when you transfer, you start off in your new location with established brand recognition.

We seek out the latest technology tools available in real estate then teach you to use them.  Most of our technology is “in the cloud” and can be accessed anywhere.

We have built a team culture that is supportive and fun.  We enjoy, mentor and encourage each other much like a family would do.

And the thing that makes EXIT Realty truly unique, the thing that allows you to continue to make money even when you’re not actively selling real estate is this.  We expose our agents to a plan to make over 100%, to build your own business with passive and single-level residual income.

In traditional two-dimensional real estate, agents earn money by taking listings and making sales.  They earn commission only when sales close and often there are gaps between closings causing a financial vacuum.  Also, when the closings stop, the income stops causing agents to work long hours away from their families with little reward.  There is no opportunity to take a break from the business, retire with security or to build family wealth.  EXIT Realty is the only real estate company that solves these problems head-on by providing a third income stream through our unique business model known as the EXIT Formula.

Let’s say you work as an agent for EXIT Realty in an office near Fort Bliss. You introduce Mary to your broker and she is recruited as a salesperson. This introduction is called sponsoring at EXIT. As Mary’s transactions close, EXIT Realty Corp. International pays you an amount equivalent to 10% of Mary’s gross production as a special bonus for helping to grow the company. Sponsoring can be done in any EXIT office right across the continent and it continues for as long as the agent introduced stays and produces business. This is single-level residual income and these bonuses are over and above your commission to a maximum of $10,000 per year per agent sponsored and these bonuses do not affect Mary’s commission whatsoever. These bonuses fill in the gaps between closings, help to pay for college, vacations, provide support for aging parents – anything you like – and provide you with abundant cash flow streams heretofore unavailable in the real estate industry.  Let’s say that your family is transferred to Fort Hood and you transfer to an EXIT office nearby.  In our example, Mary continues to close transactions back at Fort Bliss and your sponsoring bonuses follow you. And because you’ve made friends and contacts at Fort Bliss, you can refer real estate business to them and continue to sponsor agents into an EXIT office near there as well as into your new location – anywhere in fact where an EXIT office is located in North America.

If you decide to take a break from selling real estate or when it comes time for you to retire, your sponsoring bonuses continue at a rate of 7%.  And EXIT didn’t forget about your loved ones.  Should something happen to you, your sponsoring bonuses convert to a 5% beneficiary residual to help provide financial security for those left behind.

“Being in the military is tough and transitioning creates a hardship on families,” Segarra continued.  “The one who often handles everything involved in moving a family from one base to another is the spouse. When a real estate agent is also someone who is a military spouse, they share a special connection with their client and understand what they’re going through – that’s critical.  The client has someone they can relate to. I think the most important thing is that with EXIT Realty, you get the training, you get the tools, you get the support and you can carry all of that anywhere you go.”

You owe it to yourself and your family to take a closer look.  Contact us today for a confidential conversation.

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  1. Hi! I went to real estate school in Charleston, SC and then found out we would be moving to Annapolis MD, therefore my state license wouldn’t hold up. We will only be in MD for 2 years, so I’m thinking “is is even worth it to go back to the school here and get licensed?” Any advice would be appreciated

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