Have you ever seen a movie or read a book about a place that truly inspired you?  A place you could travel to if you only had the money or the time?  Maybe it would be some place warm with white sands and turquoise water, or possibly a more remote escape to a chalet in the snowy mountains.  Recently Franchisee, Kel Williams, of EXIT Realty Elite in Nashville, TN shared all about his dream trip and how his EXIT Success Card got him there.

When Kel first started thinking about taking a trip he knew he wanted to take his brother, Ladd, along.  Kel’s travel interests lean towards places that are rich in culture, preferring to avoid typical tourist sites.  Ladd, a single father of two, is more conservative with his finances and just likes to return home in one piece.  Therefore, some of Kel’s original ideas for destinations didn’t bode well with his brother.  After some lengthy discussions on American embassies and relations, as well as their own interests, they agreed on Bolivia.

Now that the destination was set, some more planning needed to take place and Kel wanted to make sure everything was perfect.  He knew this was a rare opportunity to be able to travel with his brother, so he made the decision to fully finance the trip with funds from his EXIT Success Card.  At EXIT, Associates can earn a piece of the action through sponsoring.  Sponsoring bonuses are deposited by Head Office onto the Associate’s debit card, known as the EXIT Success Card in the U.S.  With fewer than four months’ worth of sponsoring bonuses, Kel booked 5-star accommodations, they ate at 5-star restaurants, they flew either first or business class, and at some points even had private tours and a driver.

Kel and Ladd traveled to Puma Punku, a mysterious site of ancient ruins. They’d both watched a TV program about the site and were amazed by the enormous ‘H blocks’ seen there.  These blocks were cut with such precision that even today they could only be cut with lasers.  They were also immense in size, leaving many to wonder how they were placed.  Kel and Ladd had such a great time in Bolivia, finally seeing a place they’d only seen on television, Kel was inspired to take it a step further.

In Kel’s office in Nashville hangs a picture of the last remaining Inca rope bridge in Peru, near Machu Picchu.  Peru borders Bolivia so Kel and Ladd took the opportunity to further their journey to include Machu Picchu.  They hired a private driver for the 3 hour drive each way to the bridge’s location.  While there, in addition to the traversing the rope bridge, they hiked Machu Picchu, learned how to shear and weave alpaca wool, and sampled a local delicacy: guinea pig!

Kel says their luxurious adventure would never have been possible without his EXIT Success Card.  “It was nice not having to worry about anything,” he said. “Without my Success Card we probably wouldn’t have been able to visit more than one country, and definitely not first class.  The only thing better would be for my brother to become a part of EXIT and to earn residual income; for him to become more comfortable with money would be amazing!”  Next up for Kel?  In 2019, his EXIT Success Card will finance a trip to Egypt with his father.



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