Irma Aftermath: Approved Supplier is EXIT Family Too

Craig A. Marshak is a Branch Partner and Business Consultant-Cost Containment Specialist with Warehouse Direct, an EXIT Realty Corp. International Approved Supplier.  Following the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, Craig shared this story about Ken Doran, Broker/Owner of EXIT Gulf Coast Realty in Punta Gorda, Florida.  At EXIT Realty, we consider our Approved Suppliers part of the family too.  

Just want to let you know about an amazing guy you have in Punta Gorda, Ken Doran.  Ken called me about an item he wanted to purchase and I mentioned that I was getting a call from a guy who is like my Little Brother who lives in Ft. Meyers, Florida and who was stranded with little food and water. I was ordering water and food from Amazon for him because all the stores were closed and looting and mayhem was occurring all over the area.

Ken, the incredibly fine person he is, asked about our story.  John was the first person I was a “Big Brother” (mentor) to when he was 11 and I was 18.  John had no father in his life, no role model.  He lived with his mother and older sister who did their best for him but John was left without any adult male figure in his life and was bullied at school, even by the teachers who called him dumb.  He shut down emotionally and didn’t learn, consistently getting “F’s” in school because he believed what they said.

It took a few years for me to get through to him that he was incredibly intelligent and just needed to apply himself and that he could conquer anything.  Finally, by his senior year John made the honor roll.  He went to college and never looked back achieving all “A’s” and one “B” throughout his entire undergraduate years.  He was awarded a stipend that paid for his entire graduate school which he aced!  Today, he is a psychologist.

John survived this horrific hurricane but his neighborhood was in disarray with parts of homes and yards all over the street.  Ken asked if John had water and food.  I mentioned he was waiting in a huge line with the National Guard but the amount of food available to him was limited, given that he was only one person and he was sharing what he was able to obtain with his elderly neighbors who couldn’t wait in line in the sweltering heat.

So what did Ken do?  He took John’s cell number and behind the scenes put together a relief program and drove all the way to Lehigh Acres.  Luckily John’s power came back on so the food and water slated for him, Ken delivered to local churches.  What an amazing man to do this for someone he didn’t even know but because I am considered part of the “EXIT FAMILY” John was treated like he is Ken’s family.

I wanted you to know what an incredibly good-hearted man this gentleman is.


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