Living the Residual Life

Written by Jeff Mistretta a sales representative with EXIT Realty Achieve in Smithtown, NY, this article first appeared in the latest edition of the EXIT Achiever

It was just over a year after making the switch to EXIT Realty when I truly realized the benefits of their unparalleled Formula by sponsoring my first agent.

The often imitated, never duplicated EXIT Formula is exclusive to EXIT, as is the convenience of EXIT’s Success Card. My 10% Sponsoring Bonuses, paid directly from EXIT’s Head Office as a thank you for helping to grow the company, are immediately and electronically transferred to my EXIT Success Card account. And with debit card capabilities I can take my residuals with me and use them anywhere VISA® or MASTERCARD® is accepted, like using my residual income to completely cover the down payment on my new car.

For me, having a third stream of income provides the security of knowing that I don’t have to stress every week trying to put together a deal. Of course that’s still my goal, but residuals give me peace of mind. You always know there’s a little extra coming your way.

Today I have a total of eight sponsors and the biggest payday for me is seeing them excited, happy and more successful than ever before. That’s what sponsorship does. It naturally creates an atmosphere of mentorship and collaboration! It’s a triple win. Both agents benefit as well as the company. It’s ingenious.

What’s more, the finance manager at the car company where I bought my new car noticed the EXIT insignia on my Success Card and mentioned that she bought her home through an EXIT agent as well. When I inquired as to who the agent was, she didn’t think I would know because their office was far from where I worked. I challenged her to try me and as it turns out I did know them very well. She couldn’t believe that I would know the agent even though they work in a different office. I simply said, “That’s the EXIT difference.”

Look at me. I found EXIT Realty after nine years with CENTURY 21 and I knew I was home by the end of my meeting with my future Broker, Susan Hamblen. Every agent should learn the five pillars of EXIT, look up the elevator speech on the Resource Center, or attend Ambassador Training. The truth is, any person who understands, and I mean truly understands the “why” behind EXIT would jump on board immediately. The problem is, if WE aren’t telling our story, we’re allowing others who don’t fully understand EXIT to tell it for us. Learn how to share your story, take advantage of sponsoring and live residually happy.


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