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“Money was never a focus because I was making way more money than I ever had in my whole life,” says Sandra Hussey. So how does a Canadian Armed Forces veteran reach the time in her life when she is earning more money from multiple income streams than she ever thought possible?

Rewind a decade and a half when Sandra was discharged from the Armed Forces and looking for a career change. When her dream job in kinesiology didn’t pan out due to injuries suffered during her service, she applied for a secretarial position with EXIT Realty Group, Brokerage, in Belleville, Ontario in 2013. The Broker, the late Sharon Shortt, immediately saw something special in Sandra suggesting that instead of admin work, Sandra should pursue a career as an agent. The military supported Sandra’s retraining and a real estate superstar was born.

“I had no idea whether I could do the job,” Sandra remembers. “I liked houses, but I didn’t think of ever taking the course or that it was the right fit. I used to look up to all the real estate agents who assisted me when I moved around, but I never thought of myself in that position.” She took a leap of faith and achieved Rookie of the Year for Canada in her first full year with EXIT closing almost 50 ends. Her production has been on an upward trajectory, to where now she is earning multiple seven figures. Sandra has five, soon-to-be six, staff who handle everything from marketing, administration, and management. “Basically, I go out on three listing appointments daily and get signatures,” Sandra says. One might think that when someone closes more than 150 ends a year, they would be achieving that level of production with a real estate team, but up until 2020, Sandra and her administrative staff were going at it alone and referring extra business to other agents in her office. She was making more money than she’d ever made in her life, all from commission income. That’s when Sandra made a key pivot in her career which expanded her entrepreneurial mindset and resulted in her earning more than 100%.

“I went to all the EXIT events and sponsoring was always mentioned,” she says. Sponsoring with EXIT is the introduction of a salesperson to management. When they are hired and producing business, as a thank you for helping to grow the company, EXIT’s head office pays the sponsor a bonus equivalent to 10% of the new recruit’s gross commission to a maximum of $10,000 per year per recruit. These sponsoring bonuses convert to 7% lifestyle or retirement residuals if the sponsor wants to take a break from real estate, and to 5% beneficiary residuals for the loved ones they leave behind. Sandra began introducing others to EXIT and earning single-level residual income on top of her commissions.

“When I learned the language, I actually realized how beneficial the residual income was,” she says. “I can continue to sponsor even after I retire. Other real estate companies tried to solicit me from EXIT throughout my career, however, EXIT provided a unique sponsoring program that allowed me to make more than 100%. The option to leave was never explored as EXIT is home.”

Sandra formed Team Fussy Hussey comprising some of the people she introduced, while others work for the brokerage as independent agents. There is no obligation for the sponsor to train or mentor the people they invite, but Sandra shares her wisdom with everyone she introduces regardless of whether or not they’re on her team. “I realized that mentoring somebody really does change their life. I’m bringing somebody to a good company where they also have the same opportunity to earn residual income. I do it because I truly support what EXIT offers.” The sponsoring bonuses Sandra receives do not impact the commission of the people she invites. They can sponsor anywhere across the US and Canada, and with brokerages opening across the GTA, income earned from sponsoring is virtually limitless.

Sandra reinvests thousands of dollars in residual income earned from sponsoring right back into her business and her community. “I take pride in giving back to many local organizations like Coats For Kids along with building a united team. I like to host community events and team functions throughout the year for all to enjoy,” she says.  Sandra also allocates the money to create advertising campaigns. “I advertise extensively, and it continues to be successful in maintaining my business.” And it’s not only potential clients who respond to Sandra’s advertising. “I actually also get calls from agents who heard my radio ad asking me for more information about EXIT.”

For Sandra, EXIT Realty is more than just a financial success story. She has loved the company from day one, appreciating the team culture and the people who work there. She has personally met and knows the CEO of Canada, Joyce Paron, as well as the US CEO, Craig Witt, and the Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris. Sandra recognizes that other agents in different companies don’t even know who their founders are. Ultimately, she loves the self-improvement programs that EXIT offices offer, which help build up individuals. It’s a company culture where everyone is invested in each other.

As seen in Buzz Magazine. Reproduced with permission.

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