Power Prompter: The Real Power of ChatGPT

By Melanie Robitaille, Sr. Staff Writer and Graphic Designer

The age of AI has arrived. Let that statement just sink in for a moment. After being in the works for some 60 years, those of us here today can all say we witnessed its public release. Many of us have also had all that time to take in Hollywood depictions, think about its impact, and form our own opinions.

So, what are people really making of it?

Generative AI seemingly took the world by storm in 2023, being integrated into any number of businesses, social media platforms, and content creation apps. For prodigious businesswoman, and EXIT real estate professional, Marki Lemons Ryhal, she’s now making a seven-figure income, as opposed to her usual six, thanks to AI platform, ChatGPT.

“The first time I used [it], I instantly believed it was the world’s greatest business tool…Today I advocate for ChatGPT and AI tools because my productivity has increased by 260%,” said the pro who now has her own AI avatar image.

Despite being an author, trainer, speaker, podcaster, and avid marketer, Marki’s mind has not changed from the moment she created an account saying, “The first night I used it, it eliminated my long to-do list and helped me vet ideas and create content.” And you can just imagine how long that list was too!

Is it really worth all the hype?

Marki describes ChatGPT as a productive, electrified, trained assistant that’s available to any real estate professional both for free or paid subscription anywhere they have internet access. It works 24/7, 365 days a year, and can speak over 100 languages.

“I use AI multiple times every day…It gives me the best results. I can access over 1,000 plugins, custom instructions, and advanced data analysis,” she shared of her increased paid subscription usage. She believes you pay for what you get and not tripping over dollars to get pennies. But even she admits that as an entrepreneur a budget should be set for it like any other marketing.

However, as many have found, payment will only take you so far. The real power of ChatGPT, and many generative AI technologies, lies within the prompt. The prompt being the query a user types in to generate the image, or text response (in ChatGPT’s case).

“We must tell all AI tools what we want, the tone in which we want it, the format to deliver, and the role it should play,” she explained. “The better the direction (prompt), the better the outcome. Poor results are generally the result of poor input. Your prompt will vary depending on your mood; therefore, you should pick a tone based on how you want people to feel.”

To learn the many successful prompts Marki uses and has been recognized for in the industry, along with other powerful AI platforms that she recommends, read her full story in the latest edition of The EXIT Achiever today!

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