Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Melanie Robitaille, Sr. Staff Writer and Graphic Designer

It’s easy to put up with the needs and inadequacies of your home while you’re busy balancing work and life, but ask anyone who spends long hours in their home, the more time you spend in it, the less you can ignore its problems.

With so many owners in this position right now, the question becomes, should you stay or should you go? Saying goodbye for some can be just as difficult as it was to keep up on the house itself. For others, home was a small slice of urban heaven that allowed for travel and enjoyment in an eclectic metropolis, that now feels more like a cage to escape. Maybe it’s time to finally break out on your own, or perhaps you feel the need to be closer to aging family. Either way, it’s time to connect with your REALTOR®.

Sticking it out will likely require any number of adjustments to your space from the major to the minor. A few YouTube videos and Pinterest hacks for the handy might just do the trick, however for some it could mean a larger budget, calling in reinforcements, or a professional’s touch.

A visit with your REALTOR® is a great idea before getting started for two reasons. Your real estate agent can advise you on the best use of your reno dollars to potentially add to your home’s resale value in years to come. They’re a great source for comparable design footprints and trends in other similar dwellings in your area, as well as reputable service providers and contractors.

Saying goodbye can be extremely hard in some situations where home really is the heart and soul of a family (however you define it) and has become a comforting culmination of a lifetime of memories. Many homeowners are experiencing a priority shift, which has challenged them to examine what no longer serves their life, and sometimes the unfortunate truth is that there’s a limit to what can be done with the budget, time, or space available.

A visit with a REALTOR® can take you from sitting on the fence to positively enlightened and will educate you on what’s truly happening in your market. They can advise you as to your options, and with professional real estate designations in everything from green properties to senior specialists, there’s a REALTOR® who’s sensitive to your specific real estate wants and needs. Ultimately your real estate professional is there for you, to listen to you, champion for you, and advocate for you.

Be realistic and remember that hard decisions shouldn’t be made in haste, especially when it comes to buying and selling a home. Take the time to really weigh staying or going, your finances, and how this all fits into your future plans. No matter what you decide, remember the end goal is to achieve what’s right for you.

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  1. I’m currently looking for a long term rental home in Florida, not to far from the beach. I’m 61 and disabled. I’ve always wanted to retire to the beach and I’m oh, so ready. I have 3 grandchildren that want to spend a few summers with me. I also have a 16 lb Brussels Griffon that’s 10 years old. She’s my Emotional Support Fur Baby. I’d really like a nice neberhood, and would really enjoy a nice big porch, a nice, clean home that I would care for like my own. M6 current landlord would testify to that! A 3 bdrm, 2 bath would fit nicely, especially if I furnished it myself, and put a pull out couch in the living room. I pray that God is willing for this to happen, it will certainly go easier. I’d like to come down in a couple of weeks and hopefully be able to tour a few places,, and find the one for me.. I’d really like to move before it got cooler. I also love the Seaside community, Orange Beach,, Destin,
    Fort Walton,, New Symrmna Beach,, Pensacola, etc… I’m sure you get the idea.. I’m looking forward to talking with you soon! Or you can email me something to look at and I shall do so!! Thank you so much, Debbie Banks

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