Carol O’Hanley, Franchisee of EXIT Realty P.E.I., summed up her experience last week at one of EXIT Realty’s most impactful events:

Today we wrapped up a week of Broker/Owner Training with EXIT Realty Corp. International. This is a week of training offered to us for FREE by head office. They feed us a buffet breakfast and lunch every day (incredible food) and throw us a big party on Thursday night with the biggest spread of food I’ve ever seen.

All week long, we’re in a room full of other broker/owners from all over North America, and each day we get training from the experts at Head Office to help us grow our business. We get training in technology, database management, social media, ways to tell the EXIT story, how to hire a rockin’ admin (we have that covered… lol), and soooo many other things that are invaluable as business owners.

Not only that, but each and every person who was in front of us this week to offer us that training made sure we knew how different EXIT is than any other company. Each trainer wanted us to know they are here to serve us and want to help us be better people and help us help our agents be better people. They genuinely care about us and our success. I already knew this to be true, but this week reinforced that many times over.

It’s actually hard to put into words how different the culture at EXIT is compared to any other place I have worked. The sincere care they have for us is overwhelming.

I will go home feeling grateful, blessed, pumped up, and so incredibly happy to be a part of this EXIT family.

This is a photo of Steve <Yoston, Carol’s husband and business partner> and me with the Founder of EXIT, Steve Morris. He’s probably the most interesting, intelligent, and most caring individual I have ever met.

Being part of this company is the best thing that has ever happened to us! Thank you EXIT for everything!

EXIT Realty’s Broker/Owner Training is offered three times per year and is available free of charge to anyone in ownership or management with EXIT Realty’s regions and brokerages. Join us March 30-April 3, August 17-21, or December 7-11, 2020. For more information, please contact


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