Confidence is having self-assurance in your knowledge and abilities to act with certainty. It’s freedom from fear and self-doubt. The wonderful thing about confidence is that it’s not innate, it’s learned. That means there’s always room to grow.

When you thoroughly understand EXIT Realty’s differentiators and combine that understanding with the skills to devise an action plan, network, handle objections, follow up, and follow through, there’s little to get in your way. You’ll be ready to confidently sponsor new members into EXIT and grow your residual income.

Sponsoring, The Heart of EXIT” is a one-day workshop designed to help you do exactly that, all while having fun among other agents, brokers, and EXIT Realty’s lively, expert instructors.

Here’s how recent attendees described their experiences:

“I now fully understand how the program works; I’ve been given all I need to feel 100% confident and START SPONSORING! I enjoyed how pertinent and well-explained the content was. My favourite parts were handling objections and the power of affirmations. Nothing was missed, the class was PERFECT!”

Stephani Walker, Sales Representative, EXIT Realty Elite, TN

“I was confident before, but I lacked the tools and intentional effort to implement my actions. Now I have a plan of action, goals, and the tools to effectively follow through with sponsoring new members. I enjoyed the course tremendously.”

Deonna Smith, Sales Representative, EXIT Realty Consultants, CA

“Angel was great and very inspirational. I have a better understanding about the company mission and culture, as well as the sponsoring program. It was a very good course – I learned a lot about sponsoring. EXIT is a great company to work for, so I’m very confident it will work for anyone that I sponsor.”

Maria Cazalas, Sales Representative, EXIT Realty Lyon, AL

“The course was very enlightening and fulfilling. In my office we’ve talked about sponsoring a lot, but Angel makes you feel it with her enthusiasm and love for EXIT. Now I feel more confident about talking to people about EXIT and am ready to start sponsoring, knowing I don’t have to be a seasoned agent to do so.”

Julie Williams, Sales Representative, EXIT Prestige Luxury Realty, MS

“The class provided me the correct verbiage and confidence to network properly with others. Now I can communicate the significance of monetary gain, retirement benefits, and beneficiary residuals to others. I especially loved the parts about handling objections and communicating the value of EXIT to others.”

Carly Ake, Associate Broker, EXIT Realty Music City, TN

Sponsoring helps foster a culture of mentorship at all levels through the organization, and it’s one of the many opportunities exclusive to EXIT associates. Sponsoring, The Heart of EXIT workshops  are held across the U.S. and Canada throughout the year. For information, please contact


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